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What kind of bag is better for rice packaging

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Our company produces rice for export, so the quality and grade of rice packaging bags are required to be very high

our company is a flexible packaging manufacturer integrating design, plate making, printing and bag making, specializing in the production of various packaging bags and various types of packaging films. Now it has more than 20 sets of various production equipment, and is fully committed to providing customers with pure aluminum packaging, vacuum packaging, kink packaging, yin-yang packaging, heat shrinkable packaging with various structures, as well as various jelly films, cup cover films, advertising curtains, automatic packaging roll films and other products. Products are widely used in food, clothing, daily chemical, electronics, medicine and other major industries.

rice packaging bags are generally mainly gunny bags, cloth bags and plastic woven bags, but gunny bags and cloth bags can not protect rice well due to their great air permeability. Therefore, these two materials are rarely used in rice packaging. Now, plastic woven bags made of plastic film and composite plastic bags made of composite materials are generally used.

the most commonly used rice bags in the market are color printed woven bags, and large rice bags with plastic flexible packaging will be used for small capacity. Our factory specializes in producing rice color printing woven bags. Move the mouse over my user name to see the contact information

put it in the bucket after I buy it.

the packaging bag manufacturers cooperating with our company have independent food grade packaging bag production workshops. What we customized in their company is putty powder bags. Their industrial packaging bags and food packaging bags are independent workshops and independent bag making standards. They have cooperated for several years. They have “self operated import and export foreign trade rights”, which is quite in line with your requirements. I learned earlier, Now food grade packaging is made of PE flexible packaging bags and FFS heavy packaging film bags, which have good high temperature resistance, cold resistance and puncture resistance. Oh, by the way, it’s Anhui Lanyun Packaging Co., Ltd. If you are close, you can visit their factory

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