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What kinds of wrapping paper are commonly used?

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Not less than 10 different materials of paper

(1) kraft paper is a kind of * * * packaging paper. Kraft paper has a yellowish brown surface, tough texture and great strength. Kraft paper is mainly used for packaging commodities and industrial products, from hardware and auto parts to daily necessities and textiles. Because the paper is tough and not easy to break, it can play a good role in maintaining the packaged goods. In addition, kraft paper can also be reprocessed to make files, file bags, envelopes, record bags, sandpaper base paper, etc

(2) striped kraft paper is a kind of packaging paper with luster on one side, tough texture and striped appearance. The difference between striped kraft paper and kraft paper is that the former is made by Yangji circular mesh paper machine or double circular mesh paper machine, and the latter is mostly consumed by long mesh paper machine; The former is pressed with special striped blanket, while the latter is pressed with blanket; The former is used for wholesale packaging of various commodities (culture, education and department stores), while the latter is used for batch packaging, etc. Striped kraft paper is mainly used for outer packaging goods, and can print store name, operation scope, address, telephone, etc. on the outside

(3) chicken skin paper is a kind of thin packaging paper with good gloss on one side, including white, pink or other light colors. It is mainly used for small packages of various commodities (non food), which have a smooth appearance and can print exquisite publicity words and pictures;

1, culture and printing paper: newsprint, offset paper, writing paper, coated paper, dictionary paper, stamp paper, securities paper

2, packaging paper: kraft paper, kraft cardboard, corrugated base paper, cement bag paper, paper bag paper, whiteboard (white paper, gray paper), oil proof paper, cellophane, aluminum foil paper, white cardboard, parchment, translucent paper

3, Industrial technology paper: tracing paper, release paper, carbon paper, pressing paper, insulating paperboard, discipline paper, drawing paper, filter paper, photographic base paper,
heat sensitive paper, temperature measurement paper, coordinate paper, carbon free copy paper, capacitor paper, wallpaper, impregnation paper, map sea drawing, copy paper, tipping paper

4, household paper: cigarette paper, toilet paper, sanitary napkin, facial napkin paper Wrinkled paper

5, special paper: cotton paper, rice paper, interlayer paper, dust-free paper, oil-proof paper, dust-proof paper, rust proof paper, banknote paper, tissue paper, inkjet paper, wiping paper, thermal paper, tracing paper, filter paper, floating printing paper, oil absorption paper, tea bag paper, aluminum foil paper, copy paper, art paper, barrier paper, breathable paper, parchment paper, carbon paper, burr paper, release paper base paper Carbon free copy paper, wallpaper base paper, glass paperboard, coffee filter paper, peeling paper, physiological paper, cigarette card, grasin paper, wallpaper coating material, meinaiban paper, hygroscopic paper, flame resistant paper, asbestos paper, asphalt paper, mildew proof paper, electrostatic prevention paper, conductive paper, semi conductive paper, battery separation paper, electromagnetic shielding paper, electrical insulation paper, heat-resistant paper, automotive filter paper Air conditioning filter paper, deodorization filter paper, medical and sanitary paper, medicine wrapping paper, sterile paper, medical adhesive base material, surgical clothes, grinding paper, silkworm cotton paper, hotbed paper, coating paper, shading paper, seedling paper, insect proof paper, pressure sensitive recording paper, printed circuit board thick paper, heat sensitive recording paper, magnetic recording paper, magnetic card paper, heat transfer recording paper Electronic base board paper and other information paper, photo paper, mirror wiping paper, printing paper, paper rope, sulfuric acid paper, calligraphy and painting paper, humidity regulating paper, ink flow paper, cosmetic paper, enzyme immobilization paper and absorbent paper

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