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What material is pa?

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PA is called nylon when used as plastic and nylon when used as synthetic fiber

polyamide (PA) is a polymer formed by polymerization of monomers containing carboxyl and amino groups through amide bonds. It is easily soluble in formic acid, acetic acid, hexafluoroisopropanol and other solvents. Polyamide can be prepared from diamine and dicarboxylic acid, and can also be used ω- Amino acids or cyclolactams

Properties of polyamide

1. Excellent mechanical properties. Nylon has high mechanical strength and good toughness

2. Good self lubrication and friction resistance. Nylon has good self lubrication and low friction coefficient, so it has a long service life as a transmission component

3. Excellent heat resistance. High crystalline nylon such as nylon 46 has high thermal deformation temperature and can be used for a long time at 150 ℃

4. Excellent electrical insulation performance. Nylon has high volume resistance and high breakdown voltage. It is an excellent electrical and electrical insulation material

5. Excellent weather resistance

6. Water absorption. Nylon has high water absorption, and the saturated water can reach more than 3%. It affects the dimensional stability of the parts to a certain extent

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