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What other words can be used to describe “outstanding”?

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1 mediocre & nbsp; [ y ō ng zh ō ng ji ǎ o ji ǎ O] outstanding: beautiful. It refers to those who are particularly outstanding among ordinary people. From the biography of Liu Penzi in the book of the later Han Dynasty: “Qing said that there is a clank in the iron, and the best servant is also.”

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3 cranes in a chicken flock & nbsp; [ hè xíng j ī Q ú n] it refers to a person whose appearance or talent is prominent in the surrounding group of people. The same as “standing out from the crowd”. From Song Su Zhe’s “Ci Yun Zi looks forward to the feeling of the old see and send”: “you are the highest and stand out among the chickens.”

4 one branch stands out & nbsp; [ y ī zh ī D ú Xi ù] describes the most outstanding and excellent of similar things

5 stand out & nbsp; [ zhuó h ū B ù Q ú n] refers to more than ordinary people. From Jin Wang Ruoxu’s Ode to yicuixuan: “the meaning is strong and firm, outstanding, the whole world is afraid, but I am brave alone, and I stretch out alone when everyone is bent.”

6 peak & nbsp; [ d ē ng f ē Ng Z à o J í] board: go; Peak: peak; Make: arrive; Pole: the highest point. It refers to the highest level or achievement of knowledge, skills, etc. From Shi Shuo Xin Yu · literature by Liu Yiqing of the Southern Dynasty, Song Dynasty: “I don’t know if I can reach the peak?”

7 dominate & nbsp; [D ú zh à n á o t ó u] Aotou: the relief of Aoyu on the steps in front of the palace. The top scholar stood here to welcome the list when the candidates of the imperial examination were released. The number one scholar in the imperial examination era. Metaphor comes first or first. From Yuan anonymous’s “selling rice in Chenzhou”: “the promotion policy was offered in front of the hall; it came out first.”

8 & nbsp; [ wú ch ū Q í y ò u] out: exceeded; Right: up, right was respected in ancient times. No one can surpass him. From the book of the Han Dynasty · emperor Gaodi Ji Xia by Ban Gu of the Eastern Han Dynasty: “ten people, including virtuous Zhao Chen, uncle Tian and Meng Shu, summoned and spoke, and the officials of the Han court were unable to get out of their right.”

9 second to none & nbsp; [ sh ǒ u q ū y ī zh ǐ ] First: first. Pull the finger to calculate, first bend the thumb, indicating the first. First place. Extended to the best. From the Qing Dynasty, Yan Guangren’s collection of letters in Yan’s family, Shi Shi’s reading leap chapter: “poetry on the sea is often second to none.”

10 Top & nbsp; [M í ng Li è Qi á n m á O] metaphors rank first. From “Zuo Zhuan · twelve years of Xuangong”: “there is no worry at the top.”

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