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What packaging machines do well?

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(1) the automatic packaging machine can obtain packaging materials with consistent specifications according to the requirements of packaging materials and the required shape and size, but manual packaging cannot be guaranteed
(2) it can realize operations that cannot be realized by manual packaging. Some packaging operations cannot be realized by manual packaging and can only be realized by automatic packaging
(3) it can reduce labor intensity and improve working conditions. Manual packaging has great labor intensity. For example, manual packaging of products with large volume and heavy weight is both physical consumption and unsafe; For light and small products, due to high frequency and monotonous action, workers are easy to get occupational diseases
(4) it is conducive to workers’ labor protection. For some products that seriously affect health, such as products with serious dust, toxic, irritating and radioactive products, manual packaging is inevitable to endanger health, while mechanical packaging can be avoided and can effectively protect the environment from pollution
(5) it can reduce packaging costs and save storage and transportation costs. For loose products, such as cotton, tobacco Silk, hemp, etc. are compressed and packaged by a compression packaging machine, which can greatly reduce the volume and reduce the packaging cost. At the same time, because the volume is greatly reduced, the storage space is saved and the storage cost is reduced, which is conducive to transportation
(6) it can reliably ensure the hygiene of products, such as the packaging of food and drugs. According to the health law, manual packaging is not allowed because it will pollute the products, and automatic packaging avoids the direct contact of human hands with food and drugs and ensures the hygienic quality. Therefore, automatic packaging is suitable for various plastic composite films or plastic aluminum foil composite films, such as polyester /polyethylene, polyester /polypropylene, etc. they should have certain air tightness, pressure resistance and mechanical adaptability
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with the development of science and technology, machines and equipment have become more and more advanced, replacing part of human work and freeing up part of human labor. For example, the automatic packaging machine is an example. The advantages are as follows:
1. Reduce the labor of workers
2. Improve work efficiency
3. Alleviate the pressure of China’s aging
4. Reduce the pressure of bosses looking for people
5 Reduce the labor cost of bosses
VI. improve the level of automation and intelligence in China
VII. Develop the automation industry
VIII. Enhance the competitiveness of China’s machinery and equipment
IX. it is conducive to small-scale entrepreneurship
X. improve the level of mass entrepreneurship
Xi. Revitalize the plight of domestic manufacturing
XII. Reduce the number of human contact with food, Conducive to the control of sanitary environment
XIII. Promote the employment of electrical automation professionals and improve the enthusiasm of relevant research and development

our factory has more than ten years of packaging experience. We have factory test videos of packaging machines. You can have a look, or you can come to our factory for field investigation or test machine with incoming materials.

full automatic horizontal bag feeding packaging machine is recommended

the full-automatic water bag feeding packaging machine produced by Sanma machinery can be used for the packaging of particles, liquids, powders, pastes, sauces, solids and other items, as long as different devices are replaced.

automatic powder filling machine
1. The whole machine is made of stainless steel, especially suitable for GMP certification, food hygiene certification, and packaging of corrosion-resistant chemical products
2. Touch screen man-machine interface, stable operation, anti-interference, high weighing accuracy, convenient and intuitive operation. The packing weight can be adjusted steplessly at any time, and the working state can be changed arbitrarily at any time. The operation is convenient
3. The filling adopts the servo motor moving screw, which has the advantages of accurate positioning, high precision, fast speed, large torque, long service life, settable speed, good stability and so on
4. Taiwan made maintenance free reduction motor is adopted for mixing: low noise, long service life and lifelong maintenance free
5. It is designed as a feedback specific gravity tracking type, which overcomes the disadvantage of weight change due to the change of material specific gravity
6. Fully sealed air barrier glass stainless steel side open composite material box, the movement and static of materials are clear at a glance, and the dust does not leak out. Fill the outlet suction and dust collection device to protect the workshop environment
7. Replacing screw accessories can adapt to a variety of materials from ultra-fine powder to large particles.

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