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What special products (delicious) can Xi’an bring back to friends!!! Must be delicious!!

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qiaozikou always changes his home, such as roast beef, crystal cakes from demaogong, cakes, persimmons and so on!

go to Huimin street
Lao Tong’s cured mutton (vacuum packaging), de MaoGong crystal cake, (Army) mung bean cake, peanut cake, and fried goods.

roast beef, persimmon cake and mung bean cake! A lot anyway!

go around Huimin street. There are many

Introduction to Xi’an snack address

paomo – Baijia paomo (at the south alley of xishaomen) ­

Laomi’s steamed bread is in Xiyang city and the first bowl neighbor in the world – highly recommended! ­




mutton in water basin — laotong’s house (Wenjing Road, the small North Gate comes out and goes north)

Laobai’s house (in North Guangji Street) ­

Lao Li’s family (south of East Agricultural Bank of China, fangxincun Road) ­

stir fry — the “first bowl in the world” in the middle of Xiyang City ­

there is one in the middle of the university study lane, diagonally opposite the steamed stuffed bun shop – highly recommended! ­

miscellaneous Lamb Soup (in Jianshe West Road Hotel Village) ­

barbecue – highly recommended by Gaojia barbecue (Drum Tower) – highly recommended! ­

Limu barbecue (50m west of Majia Shizi) ­

Lanjia barbecue (Zhuque Street) ­

there is a [roast mutton] in Yongning Village, Nanshaomen, which is cut, weighed, dressed, sold, roasted and eaten ­

roast chicken wings – Xiaoguo roast wings (50 meters south of the Yellow Crane Tower on the East Second Ring Road). I like their roast chicken wings and steamed stuffed buns best. Think about it. My mouth watering

rougamo – Qinyu rougamo (south entrance of baishulin) has now moved to Dongmu city with “classic vermicelli soup” ­

Fanji roujiamo (north section of Zhuba city) should catch up with its steamed bun just baked, or it will feel too dry – highly recommended! ­

Wang Heng rougamo (north section of Zhuba city) ­

in the east of the road in front of the wild goose pagoda, there is a [roujiamo] and [meatball soup] ­

fried rougamo with cumin —- (southeast corner of Shizi, shajinqiao, disassembled) ­

meatball hu la soup —- Liu Hu (northwest 3rd road) “authentic Xi’an style breakfast”, be sure to try it Highly recommended

Xiyang ­ There is another one in the city. It just can’t remember its name. It’s next to Laomi. It looks like

La Niu roujiamo – “Li Laosi Jiamo” next to laodan at the red Wharf in North shaomen. His miscellaneous liver soup is also good, but the environment is poor ­

Li Laosi beef steamed bun at the north entrance of Jinger road in hansenzhai, the eastern suburb – highly recommended! ­

big meat in a basin — old song family (southwest corner of Shizi in cypress forest) ­

gourd head —- iron egg gourd head (northwest corner of Shizi cypress forest) gourd head is not as good as before. There is a shop in the west of cross North Road, Wenyi road ­

eggs are good, and there are a lot of intestines in them ­

spring (South Gate) ­

steaming bowl —- (south of road 100m West from the east entrance of Jianxi Street) ­

Dingjia Xiaosu meat (DAPI yuan) “a very famous local time-honored brand”. His family’s small crispy meat, “smooth and tender meat”, “delicious soup”, “yes ­

Xi’an classic flavor “. If you feel “no side dishes” or “too monotonous”, you can add a toto bun and a cup of sour plum soup to ensure you ­

“endless aftertaste”. “Delicious”, “affordable”, “simple” and “characteristics” are the “selling points here” and “I have to try it when I have the opportunity ­

try “. A good meal for boys is enough, and one for girls – highly recommended! ­ <50) ­ Wanjiadenghuo (west section of Xiyi Road) ­ ­ sauce big bones – bone Village (100 meters east of Shizi road in Jixiang Village) – highly recommended! ­ ­ ­ ­ spicy powder —- lead people (powder Lane) ­ ­ ­ ­ Hot and sour rice noodles — behind Kaiyuan, next door to East Asia Hotel, —- super hot pot —- Zhuyuan (Heping Road) (Gaoxin cross, Laodong South Road) ­ Old Chengdu (Gaoxin Road) ­ Haidilao (Jianguo Road) Haidilao has a first-class service attitude. It’s the best service in Xi’an! But there are too many people. I suggest going between 2 and 5 o’clock ­ Yes, but when waiting for a seat, you can eat fruit, fried soybeans, shrimp slices, shine shoes, or even ­ manicure – highly recommended! ­ the hotpot mutton of little fat sheep is delicious ­ tianyishun (south 2nd Ring Road) tastes good and the price is relatively high ­ DongLaiShun is also good ­ Qin Bainian wants to eat hoof flowers (half a kilometer east of Changle West Road Light Industry) ­ ­ ­ Belly wrapped chicken —- belly wrapped chicken shop on Wanshou middle road— Soup is super delicious ~ ~ ­ Liangpi – Mahjong Liangpi Shengjia DAPI Courtyard West entrance ­ daopi chopping board street, qinzhen, the innermost part of snack street Shang Haoyun, Laosi Liangpi, Honghua lane, Jinkang Road (50 meters south of the alley opposite the wholesale market of light industrial products), “spicy is very fragrant”, but “it’s not special ­ spicy “, the seasoning has” the fragrance of sesame paste and garlic juice “, and” I haven’t eaten enough even after eating two bowls “. ­ ­ ­ garlic dipped noodles — opposite the green ant ­ ­ ­ ­ liuxiangmian – chopping board street, behind the Miqi cake shop, the environment is general, but the noodles taste really good, especially pepper ­ ­ ­ ­ beef noodles — Sifang beef noodles (Datang West City) careless noodles (West 7th Road) ­ sliced noodles in lengwa chicken soup (Guanghua Road) ­ one profit (Drum Tower) ­ laoanjia beef noodles (dongjuyuan Lane) ­ ­ ­ ­ mutton noodles — the “old er mianzhuang in Northern Shaanxi” in the south of Xitou Road, Jianshe West Road ­ high tech Laowang noodles ­ mutton noodles at the gate of the little wild goose pagoda ­ Bangbang surface of Jianguo Road ­ Qishan side of Shangqin Road ­ beef Ramen on Changle Road ­ ­ ­ Northern Shaanxi stew — opposite the armed police Hotel on the second youth road, (their mutton and potatoes were sent from northern Shaanxi that day) I like tofu stewed potato ~ ~ ~ ­ qinxiangmian — the name of “Yinuo mianzhuang” in the north section of Gaoxin Road ­ ­ ­ ­ spicy fish – “Anping spicy fish” in the west of the middle section of Jianguo Road ­ the original “Anping spicy fish” on Chang’an South Road ­ ­ ­ ­ diving fish —- Laodong South Road, there is one in the old airport, which is very delicious. But don’t forget what the old airport is famous for — barbecue! — Highly recommended! ­ diving fish opened a new store on Huancheng West Road, not far from No. 1 middle school. ­ ­ ­ ­ Tangba fish —- Zhujun fish village (including guangmen Lane), there is golden dog billiards opposite, and the environment is good Highly recommended! ­ South of Dongkou Road, Jianshe Road (east of No. 3, No. 23 hospital) ­ there is a [Tangba fish stall] in the first alley in the south of the west section of Xiwu road ­ ­ ­ ­ dumpling feast —- high-end goods, all kinds of dumplings, the same, with a wide range of colors and designs, which is unique to Xi’an. But I haven’t eaten it. Who invited me! ­ by the way, Defa Chang’s ordinary dumplings are not very good. I suggest going to Jiefang Road dumplings. ­ there is a “daqinghua” dumpling restaurant in Xiangzimiao street. The dumplings are good and the dishes are good. It is opened by Manchu people. The decoration is very characteristic and the boss is very good ­ in business, I went to eat several times. It’s really good Highly recommended! ­ ­ ­ ­ golden thread oil tower —- Sanyuan snack. ­ ­ ­ ­ face — on the road to the founding of the people’s Republic of China ­ there is also one next to Dongyang primary school – highly recommended! ­ ­ ­ ­ steamer cake —- there is a famous one in the workshop, which is exported to Southeast Asia. Xi’an grew up with the experience of using it as breakfast, but I was young ­ I like it very much. ­ there is a white haired grandpa in sajinqiao. He sells the best food. I feel it Highly recommended! ­ ­ ­ ­ spicy hot —– Seven Star pepper (enclosure of Zhou family) ­ bairenwang (Fanxiang is the head office) – highly recommended! ­ “Ma Shiniang” ­ ­ ­ ­ mutton — braised king on the west side of the north gate of Northwest University (braised mutton is very good) — highly recommended! (Xi’an University has built a school building. I don’t know where it has been moved) ­ ­ ­ ­ casserole – Musa (DAPI hospital) ­ the Yang family in qiaozikou is also delicious ­ I like meatball casserole best in the Jin family (Drum Tower). His glutinous rice dumplings and roast lamb chops are good – highly recommended! ­ Dongli casserole in Longshou South Road, northern suburb ­ ­ ­ ­ fried rice —- fried rice with red pickled cabbage in the drum tower. I just ate red fried rice recently. It’s really awful and the service is poor ­ ­ ­ ­ fried sea melon seeds — fat sister-in-law (Dongxin Street night market, stall after 12:00 recently) ­ ­ ­ ­ steamed stuffed bun in soup — Jia San is the most famous, and I feel general. ­ Xiaoliu soup bag is at the gate of China Resources Wanjia in the western suburbs. With a bowl of hot and sour tripe soup, I feel it is better than Jia San’s – strongly recommended! ­ ­ ­ ­ potstickers —- a potstickers in Xiyang City, which seems to be called “the first potstickers” ­ ­ ­ ­ roast duck — Xi’an roast duck restaurant is the head office of East Street Highly recommended! ­ Xijing roast duck, Jiefang Road ­ laopu roast duck ­ ­ ­ ­ rice noodles – Xuanfeng bridge “red rice noodles” – highly recommended! ­ there is a Chengji rice noodle in Nanshaomen. The soup is very fresh ­ ­ ­ ­ big dish chicken —- there is an old seven chestnut big dish chicken in machangzi ­<
guobian village boss ­




marinated jelly —- there is one in the south alley of qiaozikou Station Road, West Street ­

there is a home [marinated jelly] at the west entrance of DAPI hospital. I forgot its name. It’s very good – highly recommended! ­




Sichuan cuisine —- the dishes of “Sichuan Chongqing family” in the South Second Ring Road are also good. ­

“Sichuan Chongqing

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