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What will be the development trend of high-end packaging?

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under the tide of the Internet, the iteration of product packaging is faster and faster. Different from the past, under the impact of the concept of simplicity and green environmental protection, the practicability of high-end gift packaging is stronger than ever. What is the development trend of high-end gift packaging

I. packaging material

today, when sustainable development is advocated, many packaging boxes are made of high white kraft paper. Different from the coated paper and art paper previously used, this paper has a good texture and can be recycled to protect the environment

II. The rise of new box type

folding carton is a new type of gift box packaging style, which is particularly famous abroad. It has many advantages, convenient combination and will not be limited by the printing method. In addition, its storage and transportation are also very convenient

III. manufacturing process

film covering is a part of carton packaging. Now many instant film covering adhesives used for film covering will be replaced by high-quality environmental protection new adhesives. The new adhesive can not only enhance the gloss of the paper surface, but also does not affect the recycling of the paper

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