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What’s better to bring back special products from Xi’an

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1. The bean paste cake can be taken away from the

products: the army’s mung cake, the army’s mung bean cake, the sugar of the green bean, the dragon’s whisk, the sour plum powder, the peanut butter, the Shaanxi boutique, the ten most strange cakes (Walnut crisp, walnut crisp, chestnut crisp, crispy crispy, kiwi cake, dog’s head cake, pomegranate cake, walnut cake), Sanyuan Polygonum flower, red dates, Xifeng Liquor, Shaanxi dangshen, Shaanxi green tea, imitation Terracotta Army, imitation Qin bronze horse and horse, imitation tri colored pottery, Huxian peasant painting, and Huxian peasant painting. Paper cutting, Xi’an stele rubbings, painted clay sculptures, willow weaving, woodblock New Year pictures, Qin opera facial makeup, celadon porcelain, copy of Tang wall painting, embroidery, shadow play, pottery whistle, rattan weaving, Holly wood flower burning chopsticks, straw weaving, Xi’an Lantian jade
2. A must see food spot:
paomo – Laoliu’s paomo (in North Guangji Street)
stir fry – the “first bowl in the world” in the middle of Xiyang city
miscellaneous Lamb Soup – (in Jianshe West Road Hotel Village)
roast meat – – – Limu roast meat (50m west of Majia Shizi)
rougamo – – – Qinyu rougamo (south entrance of baishulin)
fried rougamo with cumin – – – – (southeast corner of Shizi, saijinqiao)
steamed meat with preserved beef – – –
next door to laodan at the red Wharf in North shaomen, Li Laosi Jiamo, His family’s miscellaneous liver soup is also good
big meat in a basin — Lao song’s family (southwest corner of baishulin Shizi)
gourd head — iron egg gourd head (northwest corner of baishulin Shizi)
steaming bowl — — — (south of 100m West Road from the east entrance of Jianxi Street)
pancake — Dingding fragrant pancake house (50m west of 50m South Road from Shizi in Longshou Village)
sauce big bone — bone Village (north of 100m East Road from Shizi in Jixiang Village)
Spicy noodles – – – – – – lead people (powder Lane)
hot pot – – – Zhuyuan (Heping Road)
garlic dipped noodles – – – opposite green ants
beef noodles – – – careless noodles (West Seventh Road)
meat pulled noodles with wax sauce – – – the first house in the south of Xitou Road, Jianshe West Road
mutton noodles – – – the “old second village in Northern Shaanxi” in the south of Xitou Road, Jianshe West Road
High tech Laowang noodles
mutton noodles at the gate of the little wild goose pagoda
Bangbang noodles on Jianguo Road
Qishan noodles on Shangqin road
beef Ramen on Changle Road
Qinxiang noodles in “Yinuo noodle village” in the north section of Gaoxin road
spicy fish – “Anping spicy fish” in the west of the middle section of Jianguo Road
spicy hot – – – Seven Star pepper (Zhou family wall)
hot pot – – – Little Swan (South Second Ring)
beef noodles – – – one profit (Drum Tower)
casserole --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------,
In the south alley of qiaozikou Station Road, West Street, there is a [marinated jelly]
in the east of the road in front of the wild goose pagoda, there is a [roujiamo] and [meatball soup]
hot pot [Qin Bainian] half a kilometer east of Changle West Road light industry –
there is one in beishapo, Jiaoda that wants to eat hoof flowers,
there is a [Jiulong Haitian restaurant] (the newly opened branch is at the northwest corner of Weishi Street), and there is a [Chongqing Nenjiang fish] in the city at night, There is a family in the alley with four kinds of spicy dishes. The dishes of “Sichuan Chongqing family” in the South Second Ring Road are also good
powder belt (2 pieces). The first section of Youyi Road in the south of Yongning Road, Youyi street in the south of huangjiaba, Cut now weigh now wear now sell now roast now eat now
there is a roast lamb chop on Ziqiang road in the northern suburb
there is a “baokeng meat” next to the original No. 3 factory in the eastern suburb, which is also a kind of lamb chop (this shop has moved, and I’ll inform you after reconnaissance)
Dongxin Street – beef ball stew, which is delicious enough. It’s only out of the night market, and you have to eat it every few days, Authentic taste
Dongli casserole in Longshou South Road in the northern suburb
and the most delicious is the cheapest three delicacies casserole
beef GUI at liuxiangkou? Why? Ya? Jujiao temple
on Laodong South Road, there is a diving fish in the old airport, which is very delicious
at the north gate of Northwest University, the braised king on the west side (the braised mutton is very good)
the paomo on North Guangji street is Laomi’s home
Li Laosi beef steamed bun at the north entrance of Jinger road in hansenzhai, the eastern suburb,
laopucheng flavor snack opposite the cross Academy of Social Sciences in Jixiang village, the southern suburb. The Babao chili and old tofu inside are very good
Xiaofeiyang’s hot pot mutton is delicious (I recently heard that they put preservatives harmful to human body in the meat to keep it fresh) and can be eaten slowly
Haidilao has a first-class service attitude
tianyishun on the South Second Ring Road tastes good and the price is relatively high
friends who like spicy food in Old Chengdu can often sit down
DongLaiShun is also good
Wenhao’s miscellaneous grain restaurant can have a feel and have a look, Don’t go to
there is a “daqinghua” dumpling restaurant in zimiao street, Xixiang. The dumplings are good and the dishes are good. The Manchu people open it. The old
board is good at doing business. I’ve eaten it several times. It’s really good
the cheapest and delicious seafood is 100 meters south of Shizi, bianjia village – Datong fishing port
shuipan big meat – Huzhu Road, take 401. The old song family (the southwest corner of the ten sons of cypress forest) doesn’t know what to do. Someone has eaten it and said it’s good
stir fry – “the first bowl in the world” in the middle of Xiyang city
steamer cake — is it the experience of using it for breakfast when I grew up in Xi’an, but I liked it very much when I was a child
Paste spicy soup – the common ones are meatball paste spicy soup from Xi’an and paste spicy soup from Henan, which are different. Generally, Xi’an is served with Tuotuo steamed bread and Henan is served with scallion oil cake
barbecue – – I won’t talk about it. My wife said she had a good impression of a family on Wenyi road
bean curd – – for a while, Fan Ji, a rougamo that is often eaten at Jiaotong University, has been a time-honored brand. Recently, Wang Heng has a strong momentum. My cat Jingjing ran out of the Wangkui meat
Jiamo store downstairs
fried rougamo with cumin – – old road, remember the Tumen night market in the 1980s. At that time, one fried rougamo with cumin was very expensive, two yuan and five yuan
golden thread oil tower – Sanyuan snack
noodles – – on Jianguo Road
Liuxiang noodles – – on duanlumen
waxed beef and mutton – – the most famous in history is the old boy’s home in nianzhipo, but this home was no longer available when I was a child. Now it’s hard to say what happened when I was demolished. We usually buy it in majiashizi, but I don’t know which one is better
saozi noodles
gourd head ----- the spring in the South courtyard is a time-honored brand
steamed bowl ----- there are almost all places with night markets. I think it’s greasy. I don’t know which one is good
steamed meat --- shajinqiao’s
pancake ---- Dingding
sweet pancake house
sauce big bone head --- bone Village (100 meters east of Shizi Road, Jixiang Village)
spicy powder ---- the business of leading people (powder Lane) is very hot, But I don’t think it’s as good as the one at the entrance of Defu alley.
hot pot – Zhuyuan has been to N times, and I’ve been to N + 1 times. I won’t say
potstickers – a potstickers in Xiyang city, It seems to be called “the first pot stickers”
meat pulled noodles with wax sauce – – – the first one in the south of Xitou Road, Jianshe West Road
mutton noodles – – – the “old Ermen village in Northern Shaanxi” in the south of Xitou Road, Jianshe West Road
mutton noodles at the gate of the little wild goose pagoda
spicy fish – – – Anping spicy fish in the west of the middle road of Jianguo Road
spicy hot – – – Seven Star pepper (the enclosure of the Zhou family)
Steamed stuffed buns — Zhengjia steamed stuffed buns in Dongxin Street
steamed dumplings — Tiejia steamed dumplings in jishiguai. There are also steamed stuffed buns in soup. The taste is OK
steamed stuffed buns in soup — Jia San is the most famous, and I feel general
big dish chicken – Shawan
roast duck – Xi’an roast duck restaurant is the head office of East Street
marinated jelly – Dongkou, Xiyang city. I guess many people don’t know this kind of thing. Break the cake similar to the water basin into pieces, put jelly on it, add seasoning and pour brine
Tangba fish – Jianshe intersection Road South (east of no.323 hospital)
raw rice balls – Xiyi road Dongkou Road South
Dumpling Banquet – high-end goods. All kinds of dumplings are the same. They are unique to Xi’an. But I haven’t eaten it. Who invited me! By the way, Defa Chang’s ordinary dumplings are not very good. I suggest going to Jiefang Road dumpling
bridge crossing rice noodles – Yunnan bridge crossing rice noodles have stores on Jiefang Road and Xianning road. But I like to eat a bowl of two yuan at the small stall on the side of the Second Ring Road opposite the senior colonel on the highway five years ago
rice noodles – under the overpass of the first railway bureau of the South Second Ring Road
there is a “daqinghua” dumpling restaurant in Xiangzimiao street. The dumplings are good. They are opened by Manchu people and have northeast flavor. My wife likes pickled vegetables there. This shop also has a branch in Shanghai, not too far from the railway station
hulutou paomo – there is a place in the pink lane, at the West intersection of friendship

Laosun’s beef and mutton bubble steamed bread (convenient packaging), waxed beef and mutton (vacuum packaging), ten monsters (Chestnut Crisp, mung bean crisp, red date cake, millet crisp, walnut crisp, wild sour jujube, peach crisp, black rice crisp, qiongguo sugar, pomegranate cake), demaogong crystal cake, military mung bean cake, pea cake, Longxu crisp, qiongguo sugar, sour plum powder, peanut crisp, flower steamed bread, Sanyuan Polygonum flower sugar, Lintong pomegranate, Xifeng wine, Xi’an Huanggui thick wine.

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