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What’s in the vacuum packed live fish

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the vacuum packed live fish contained oxygen

plastic is filled with nutrient solution, which can ensure small fish, small turtle and so on. The vacuum packaging of live fish can only be stored for about ten hours. If there is no oxygen in it, the live fish will die

vacuum packaging, also known as decompression packaging, is to extract and seal all the air in the packaging container to maintain a high decompression state in the bag. The scarcity of air is equivalent to the effect of low oxygen, so that microorganisms have no living conditions, so as to achieve the purpose of fresh fruits and no disease and rot

basic skills:

it is best to remove the gills and internal organs of live fish after being slaughtered in vivo, soak and rinse them with salt water, and then seal them for quick freezing. In this way, the fresh-keeping quality is good. It can be stored for three months and still maintain the basic freshness. It’s better to dig out the internal organs. After the fish dies, the internal organs contain calcium hydroxide and diclofenac, which are toxic at low temperature. Although the toxicity is not strong, it is recommended to dig them out

if the slaughtered fresh fish are vacuum packed and stored at room temperature above 20 ℃, the storage period is only about 2 days. If stored with refrigeration, it can be extended to 3-4 days. Combined with frozen storage, the storage time can be longer. The live fish in the oxygen filled vacuum packing bag can survive for 20-72 hours

for fresh fish, it is recommended to use live fish packed with oxygen for transportation and storage. Vacuum packing bag can ensure the freshness and quality of live fish to the greatest extent

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