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What’s the difference between noodle machine and noodle machine

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the new generation of noodle machine has the functions of automatic cut-off, drying and drying. It can adopt 220V general voltage, which makes the operation more convenient and easy to understand

operation guide
1 Flour mixing: pour the flour into the flour mixing machine, then add water according to the specified proportion of about 25%, start the transportation capacity, mix the flour and water evenly until they are granular (it is best to use after 10 minutes)
2. Adjustment: the roller gap is adjusted by hand wheel. The reference data of roller clearance are: (330 of the units are excepted), during adjusting process, adjust or relax the number of handwheels, sometimes it is not easy to adjust one time. The key is to understand the reason, to be patient, to stop adjustment when unskilled, and to lock the handwheel after normal. br>3. Operation: put the mixed flour into the flour bucket, press the knife and fix the knife guard plate, and then start the machine for operation. The panel from the third group should be led to the next group by hand (multiple groups should follow this analogy) and the operation is completed

purpose of noodle machine
it is applicable to the dehydration and drying process of wet noodles in the production process of noodle
main features
this equipment is composed of single row double chain conveying mechanism, heating system, dehumidification system and fan system
steam, hot water, heat transfer oil and hot air can be used as heat sources
the whole machine has the advantages of simple structure, stable and reliable operation, low energy consumption, simple and convenient operation and maintenance
the rate of rod dropping is low, the yield is high, and the baked noodles have positive color, non bending and high breaking strength
the temperature and humidity automatic control system can be configured according to the needs of customers

the noodle machine is a device for extruding the flour into noodles through the relative rotation and mixing of the flour roller to form the necessary toughness and humidity. It can be divided into simple noodle machine, automatic strip picking one-time noodle machine, assembly line noodle machine, automatic powder spreading noodle machine and so on

[words]: noodle machine
[phonetic]: Mi à n Ti á o J ī
[interpretation]: the machine that makes flour into noodles

working principle
the working principle of the noodle machine is to squeeze the flour through the relative rotation of the flour roller to form the dough, and then cut the dough through the front head cutting knife to form the noodles. The shape of noodles depends on the specification of the cutting knife. All models can be equipped with different specifications of cutting knives. Therefore, a machine can make noodles of various specifications after changing the cutting knives of different specifications. (automatic noodle hanging machine) is a new type of noodle assembly line equipment. The machine operates continuously from feeding to outlet. It has the advantages of high yield and efficiency, time and labor saving, simple operation and so on. The produced noodles have good toughness and good taste. The characteristics of the medium-sized noodle machine are: the surface of the roll is finely ground by the grinder, which is smooth and beautiful, and the rolled face belt is uniform and smooth, which ensures the good quality of noodles. The design of the machine is reasonable, with arrangement, reducer and sprocket drive, low noise, compact structure, humanized design and labor-saving work. It is easy to operate, safe and hygienic, and suitable for observation. Stable transmission, accurate and efficient transmission power, low noise, no vibration and superior performance. It can be equipped with small drying equipment. It is an ideal product for large and medium-sized noodle manufacturers
45# forged steel gears are used for the main parts, and 45# seamless steel pipes are used for the rolls. After heat treatment, the hardness of the rolls is increased, and the pressed noodles are smoother and stronger

II. Performance features
1. Gear transmission is adopted to ensure stable, safe and reliable operation
2. The automatic strip picking system is adopted, which has high efficiency and good quality
3. Automatic conveying, automatic section and automatic rod loading, one-time forming, saving labor
4. Multi group rolling, roll wire drawing, uniform feeding and neat panel
5. Reducer, sprocket and chain drive, low noise and long service life
6. Safe operation, sanitation and cleanliness

operation features
1 The machine shall be installed on a dry and ventilated horizontal ground to ensure stable and reliable operation of the machine
2. Before use, check whether the power supply voltage is consistent with the use of the machine; Whether the wire core with grounding symbol is reliably grounded; Whether the steering meets the requirements; Install the face dustpan and the face dustpan according to the position shown in the figure. (in order to facilitate packaging and transportation, the face dustpan is not installed on the machine)
3 Flour mixing: for products with flour mixing mechanism, when the reverse switch is set to “reverse”, the mixer in the flour mixing bucket starts to operate. After mixing the flour evenly, turn on the discharge switch, and the flour can be discharged automatically. (it is recommended to remove the noodle knife when mixing noodles to prolong the service life of the noodle knife)

4. Dough processing: put the switch in the “straight” position for dough machining. When the mixed flour dough is kneaded by the roll, the roll gap shall be adjusted from thick to thin, and the incoming thickness is 2 ~ 3 times of the outgoing thickness. The dough after repeated kneading and pressing can improve the strength and taste. Users are advised to make full use of the kneading and pressing function of the machine. The dough before slitting shall be 3 ~ 5mm thick and shall be rolled with a rolling rod for standby
5. Slitting: 1). Installation of noodle knife: the left and right grid plates are equipped with two knife grooves. Put the noodle knife into the groove. After the gear on the noodle knife engages with the big gear, tighten the butterfly nut and fix the noodle knife with a fixed support
2)。 Cutter: put the end of the spare dough piece into the gap between the two rollers in rotation by hand, enter the noodle knife after rolling again, cut out the noodles and fall into the connecting dustpan. The operator shall take out and disconnect the cut noodles in time and put them into the drying rack.

it doesn’t make a big difference. It mainly depends on your size. Large noodle factories like honest people use noodle production lines. Noodle machines may be more suitable for home use

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