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What’s the difference between soft and hard cigarette bags except the price?

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small cigarette labels

the standard types and specifications of cigarette labels are mainly divided into rigid packaging, horizontal packaging and ultra long packaging (i.e. 70, 84mm and 100mm; divided into ordinary, filter and extended filter) according to the packaging method. There are hard card labels in the cigarette labels, which refer to the cigarette labels with hard cards on paper, that is, the packaging of Hard boxes of cigarettes

the old standard refers to the cigarette standard before liberation. From the beginning of tobacco entering China at the end of the 18th century to the rise of national cigarettes in China, the history reflected by the old standard continued until 1949. The old standard has been produced for a long time, has a small amount of existence, and is a treasure in China

early standards refer to cigarette labels in the historical period from the founding of the people’s Republic of China to the middle of the Republic of China, mainly local state-owned and public-private joint ventures from the 1950s to the 1960s. Early signs are also more precious

the Chinese standard refers to the label with the words “produced by China Tobacco Industry Corporation” instead of the name of the tobacco factory on the cigarette label. From 1964 to the cultural revolution, it has left an indelible footprint in the history of Chinese cigarette labels
it has been produced for more than 20 years since the cultural revolution. Br>> it is difficult to collect the cultural revolution

set of labels, that is, a complete set of cigarette labels. The so-called set label generally refers to the cigarette label printed in more than three formats with the same theme, the same design style and the same standard type, but with different patterns

commemorative mark refers to a cigarette mark specially made to commemorate an event and printed with commemorative words and patterns. For example, the Asian Games logo issued by the 11th Asian Games, the commemorative logo for celebrating the national day, and the commemorative logo for the centenary of Chairman Mao Zedong’s birth. If you don’t seize the opportunity, this kind of commemorative mark is very easy to miss

collecting cigarette labels can improve appreciation, increase knowledge, cultivate self-cultivation, and play a patriotic role in the history of the Ming Dynasty. Further research will inevitably step into the scope of tobacco culture, because tobacco label is a very important carrier in the later stage of tobacco culture

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understanding of cigarette label collection research on the “layout” of cigarette label

the composition of cigarette label is the combination of brand and pattern. Collecting cigarette labels often pays most attention to the brand and pattern. The design is exquisite, which attracts people to buy and appreciate. The brand is strange, and it also attracts people’s interest and collection
in the collection, the quantity is one of the symbols that determine the success of a collector. The same is true for cigarette labels. It is not easy for those who can collect 10000 kinds of cigarette labels. In fact, this “10000 kinds” is not 10000 brands and patterns, but the general name of the number of cigarette labels in all different formats
the format and variety of cigarette labels are very rich. Different brands become different varieties, and different formats of the same brand are also different varieties. The so-called “layout” is in the same brand. Produce different styles of cigarette labels. “Variety” is the collection of cigarette labels with different formats. So, how many kinds of formats of cigarette labels are there and how to distinguish them
1. Quantity of cigarettes: at present, 20 cigarettes are popular. However, in fact, there are still listening labels for l-pack, 2-Pack, 3-Pack, 4-Pack, 5-Pack, 6-Pack, 10-pack, 15-Pack, 21-pack, 24-pack, 25-Pack, 30-pack, 40-pack and 50-pack. There are at least 10 kinds of cigarette labels on different packages. Most of the cigarettes below 5 packs are free advertising cigarettes
2. Packaging materials: soft packaging, hard packaging (including horizontal packaging and direct packaging), iron box, plastic box, iron tin, flat tin, etc. Soft and hard packaging is the distinction of paper, while the latter is a kind of non detachable packaging. Some trademarks of iron boxes and tins are printed directly on them. Collectors regard them as a kind of collection of physical packaging
3. Cigarette length: indicates that the cigarette length is divided into 70s, 81s, 84s, 90s, 94S, 100s, 120s, etc. Most cigarette labels do not indicate the length of cigarettes, and there are more formats without labels
4. Registered logo: note, registered trademark, R. Different designs together. There are four circled r meters
5. Emergence of filter: most cigarettes in China before the 1970s had no filter. Once they appeared, the words filter were added to the cigarette label. Now some newly designed cigarette labels have begun not to be marked due to the appearance length and the popularity of filters
6. Types of cigarettes: Flue-cured type, mixed type, external flavor type, cigar type, etc. According to the tobacco type, generally speaking, there are no different types of a brand name, but there are also a few that have both flue-cured tobacco type and mixed type
7. Notes for coke: high, medium and low tar content. Now, the amount of nicotine in flue gas with a high of more than 25 mg, a medium of 15 ~ 25 mg and a low of less than 15 mg is added. Since 1998, the indication of high, medium and low tar content will be replaced by more scientific milligram. In fact, different tar content and nicotine content in flue gas exist in the same brand name
8. Tagging of aphorism: smoking is harmful to health. Since 1990, China tobacco company has officially stipulated to mark the cigarette label in China. Foreign countries began to mark aphorisms in 1976, and some manufacturers in China began to add aphorisms since 1986. Now they are unified into the six words “smoking is harmful to health”. The tobacco monopoly law of the people’s Republic of China in 1991 stipulates this practice from the law
9. Preparation of bar code: China officially joined the international object code Association in April 1991 and stipulated that since 1992, all cigarettes exported and high-quality cigarettes above the provincial level must be marked with bar code on their trademarks. The bar code of cigarette label in China is 13 Arabic numerals. The first 690 represents the country, 1028 represents China tobacco company, the last 6 digits represent the manufacturer and its product varieties, and the eight digit concise bar code also exists. The general bar code is black, but it can also be printed in other colors. If different colors are allowed, the bar code layout will be greatly “enriched”. At present, the background color of bar code is also different, including white background, gold background, red background or directly printed on the background color of the picture
10. Change of factory name: in the past hundred years from the early cigarette label to now, with the change of years, there may be a large number of factory names on the same brand. The joint stock limited companies of early tobacco factories, the public-private joint venture, local state-owned and state-owned in the early days of the founding of the people’s Republic of China, the real names of China tobacco companies, branches and tobacco factories when China tobacco company was established in the 1960s, as well as the joint venture, distribution, supervision, local group companies and the provincial and national names added before the factory names at this stage. The change of the factory name on a cigarette label actually reflects the change of the system and management mode, followed by the change of the factory name format 12. Color allocation: in addition to the complete set of cigarette labels, there are actually cigarette labels of the same brand with different colors. In the collection of cigarette labels, it is called the color code which is composed of color varieties. It should be noted that some “color codes” are not “commodity codes”, but “design codes” for sample selection in the manufacturer’s design. The packaging multi-color cigarette labels after finalization and production are the real “color codes”
13. Difference between plate Inscriptions: like stamps, they are printed in different printing units. There are differences in font, color and printing units. Collecting cigarette labels with different inscriptions needs to be carefully identified. Used cigarette labels are often the place where the plate is painted and pasted during packaging, which is not easy to find
14. Existence of wrong version: the actual errors in cigarette label design and the cigarette labels that exist together after correction. A cigarette factory once mistook the 2500 anniversary of the founding of Suzhou on the “Gusu” brand cigarette label for 3500
15. Font change: the font changes from complex to simplified, from no Pinyin letters to phonetic or Pinyin letters. At present, there are complex writing or English. The change of font also changes with the change of years. At present, the complex fonts on some cigarette labels do not meet the requirements of text specifications
16. Pattern changes: with the development of the times, pattern changes of the same brand often occur. For example, the pattern of “Shanghai” brand cigarette label has changed many times. The brand name remains unchanged while the pattern changes, which reflects the development and progress of society from one side
17. Export design: in order to improve the international competitiveness, China’s cigarette export has formed an important part of foreign trade and foreign exchange, and most of its cigarettes are designed in English. This kind of cigarette label is called export label by the collection industry
18, trial sale products: the test price of cigarettes in the absence of official cards or destructed opium in the provisional name is classified as trial marketing, assessment, trial manufacture, trial manufacture or serial number. Br> 19. Production of complete sets: the production of complete sets of cigarette labels is the development of the common theme of different versions of the same brand. Because it can form a system, it uses different patterns × 1 become a set of standards. If there are different formats, the quantity shall be used × The number of formats becomes the actual number of sets of the brand. The more the layout, the more difficult it is to collect the set of standards, and the higher the interest in collection
20. Special needs: the common large-size special, hardcover, high-grade, high-quality, good and best products on cigarette labels, and some are added with anti-counterfeiting marks, which are specified by the manufacturer according to the needs of the products. The existence of this format requires a long collection process to compare
21. Trademark transfer: if the brand name or even the pattern remains unchanged, the factory name will change. This may exist in the transfer of the trademark, the purchase of the trademark naming right and the complete transfer to another manufacturer, or several factories share a brand name for historical reasons. For example, the pattern of “Yanhe pagoda” in the later stage of “Meili” brand was transferred from Huacheng tobacco factory to Nanchang cigarette factory, the pattern remained unchanged, and the brand name was changed to “magnificent” brand. The well-known “big front door” is jointly used by several factories in Shanghai, Qingdao and Tianjin
looking at the changes of cigarette label format, it is indeed rich and colorful in the past century. In the early cigarette labels, only the brand name, pattern, factory name, number and English can form a complete picture. Today, a complete picture of cigarette labels, at least in addition to cigarette type, tar content, nicotine content of smoke, bar code, registered trademark, English Pinyin change, warning sentences of smoking harmful to health and many other aspects
the production and change of cigarette label format has become an important part of cigarette label collection research. From the format of cigarette label, we can combine the generation of brand name, the change of pattern design, the introduction and analysis of text, the regulations of tobacco product technology, sales and packaging, the change of factory name, font and printing, and comprehensively sort out the general face of cigarette label. Because there is no detailed catalogue and chronological records of cigarette labels, and there is no record of changes in the format of cigarette labels, it has brought some difficulties to the research and sorting of cigarette labels. In fact, as long as we master the changes of cigarette label format, it is not difficult to determine the age and characteristics of cigarette labels
if you carefully compare cigarette labels, you can often find that they are different. In fact, studying the layout is also in the collection

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