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What’s wrong with the vacuum packing machine not pumping vacuum?

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Hello, take Yongliang vacuum packaging machine as an example
check whether the emergency stop button is pressed, whether the air bag is broken, whether the vacuum tube is broken, whether there is no vacuum pump oil, whether the three-phase electricity is reversed, whether the power supply is missing, whether the travel switch is not touched, and whether the pumping time is not set correctly. Whether the time relay is faulty, etc. the first thing to judge is whether the vacuum pump is running. You can pull out the vacuum pipe, try whether to vacuum by hand when working, and then judge the reason.

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 vacuum packaging machine does not vacuum 


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 the solution to not vacuumizing the vacuum pumping machine is to clean or replace the exhaust filter and install it correctly, check the solenoid valve for air leakage where there is air leakage and eliminate it, the exhaust filter is blocked or polluted, and clean or replace the exhaust filter 

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 whether there is no vacuum after cleaning 


 have you tried several steps besides cleaning


 have you tried or there is no vacuum 


 1 Whether the power line of the vacuum pump is connected reversely or lacks phase, and the motor turns incorrectly, so it should be overhauled

2. The pipeline between the container and the vacuum pump is blocked or leaked, and whether the filter element of the air filter is blocked. If it is used for a long time, it is necessary to clean up the garbage

3. The broken blades of vacuum pump will not produce vacuum, so the blades need to be replaced

4. Check the vacuum pump oil. The vacuum pump oil should be injected in an appropriate amount and replaced after a long time of use. Other oils are strictly prohibited

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 none of the above is 

 [cover face] [cover face] [cover face] 


 you are checking whether the airbag is damaged 


 Where is the airbag 

 Where is the airbag? 


 the airbag is installed between the upper and lower pressing plates that can move back and forth in the vacuum chamber of the vacuum packaging machine 

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