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Where can we produce high-grade packing boxes?

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Now the packaging boxes on the market are very low. Where can we find high-grade cartons.

before the product goes online, packaging is the last important link. How to make a packaging box suitable for your own product, you should first choose a customized packaging box manufacturer with high matching degree according to the product characteristics and specifications, product positioning and good design drawings

the features and specifications of each product are not uniform, resulting in the need for customized packaging in the selection of packaging boxes. At this time, we need to find a professional packing box manufacturer to let the manufacturer’s professionals communicate the product specification design with the designer. Otherwise, it is likely that the specifications made by the designer will not be reached from a technical point of view

first, we need to confirm the box type. The packaging box is mainly divided into four types: Heaven and earth cover packaging box, folding packaging box, drawer type packaging box and flip type packaging box. Each type has its own advantages. The advantage of heaven and earth cover packaging box is that it is relatively simple to make and the cost is lower than other box types. The folding packing box has the advantages of easy storage, no space occupation, saving freight and storage costs, and a DIY feeling. The drawer packing box has a pull-out feeling, like a drawer. It is mainly used for a mysterious sense of gifts. The flip packing box is displayed in the flip style. In terms of opening mode, it opens faster than other box types, Gift wrapping for some surprises. Box type is mainly a kind of packaging method. Generally, the packaging box manufacturer will recommend it according to the needs of users, and the specific product requirements need to be communicated by both parties. After confirming the box type, the size of the box type should be involved. At this time, the designer should design the product placement and style design. All sizes can be customized according to requirements

Second: material selection. The choice of material is very important. Material symbolizes skin and texture. At present, the common materials for packaging include cardboard (white cardboard, black cardboard, powder cardboard, gold and silver cardboard…), Kraft paper (white kraft, yellow kraft…), Coated paper (single coated paper, double coated paper), special paper (collectively referred to as some special paper). Each material needs to be recommended according to the customer’s design and process requirements, and in combination with the packaging budget. The selected material is pasted on the gray board to improve the texture and increase the stiffness at the same time

Third: process
Fourth proofing

selecting the right manufacturer is the key. If you want high-grade packaging boxes, the design ability and material selection of the manufacturer are very important. You can go to the manufacturer’s sample room to investigate its productivity, or you can go to the e-commerce platform to find the manufacturer and issue small batch packaging to understand its production quality. The manufacturer’s strength is qualified, and the texture of the packaging box is good.

the price of different materials is also different. As long as the money is in place, it can be made in high grade

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