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Where does Heshan have handmade hair

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delicious food includes: 1. Suzhou Yangcheng Lake hairy crab (Anshan Road direct sales store) Yangcheng Lake hairy crab enjoys the reputation of “the best in the world and the king of crabs”. It can be described as: “pincers are full of tender jade, and the shell is red and fat blocks are fragrant”. Address: next to Anshan Road Primary School, road 3, road 4, road 210, road 362, road 28, etc., Anshan Road Primary School Station, Lianyungang station and Anshan Road station are all available. 2. Da Lao Li wine is brewed on Tianjin road. No. 2 bus stops at Tianjin road. Get off and walk back 5 meters to see it. Mm remember clearly that Feng * Jiapin Oh 3. Wild mushroom hotpot near the news center of Jianhao seafood restaurant is more expensive, 38-88 yuan a small plate 4. Fujian fresh fish balls, behind the small pavilion selling octopus balls across the wolma pedestrian street, a small shop opposite the new contemporary cinema, has all kinds of Fujian snacks, fish balls, shrimp balls, cuttlefish balls, conch balls 5. “Sweet mouth” ice cream is in the middle of Xiajin road, You should know that there is a No. 214 station in Jimo road wholesale market, right? It’s the left-hand side of the longitudinal road opposite the No. 214 bus station. 6. Sunflower post bar, No. 16, Taiping Road. The middle slope of 12 crosses 7. No. 74 Yan’an third road of tianlurong coffee (north exit of Hisense overpass), behind the middle slope of 19. It is more suitable for couples to date. Business hours: 14:00-24:00 8. Yuanzu cake, next to the fire brigade at the intersection of Weihai Road and Changchun Road 9. Address of Guangdong Lao beef brisket casserole new store: opposite Minjiang garden at the north end of jiashike pedestrian street. Address of the old store: next to chunhelou spare ribs and rice on Taidong 8th Road 10. In front of dada dumpling Liqun, close to Taidong 1st Road, opposite sushi 11. Beef on Taiwan Road, Taiwan Road, In the corridor between regent and heart to heart, there is no door, and a small light box is hung, which says “beef noodles” is very small, but it is made of pure Taiwan beef noodles. Tourists who like noodles might as well take the time to have a taste! There is a lot of oil and water. Some people like it and others hate it. Go eat and see for yourself. 12. Maidao Feichang is near Qingdao University. Go south along the food street. On the left side of the road, there is a big word “Chang” written on the wall. 13. The lunch meat next to the everyone’s music practice song room on Taidong 8th Road of Shuba Lao hot pot is authentic Meilin, and the hairy belly is not water hair, but real material. I like to eat his rinse 14. Red pepper Sichuan food. The boiled fish opposite Taidong bone injury hospital is good. Sichuan food is very delicious. It is said that there is also one in Baoding Road, where Baoding road is. The environment is too bad. The air is full of spicy and choking taste. I like to stay out of the environment. 15. Igai Taidong contemporary mall, 1st floor, Taiwan flavor 16. Capricorn bar 219 terminus, next to Donghai international building, business hours: 6:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. Flyingman’s shop 17. Mansaton Brazilian barbecue music restaurant, Fuyuan community, No. 68 Minjiang Second Road, behind the software building 18. Pizza Hut Taidong Wal Mart. On the ground floor of Wanda mall, near Taidong 1st road. Line up 19. On the left side of Sapporo Ramen bone injury hospital, opposite is red pepper Sichuan food. Japanese Ramen cuisine. Cheap enough 20. Baolong restaurant Zhejiang Road, Catholic Church down about 300 meters, 21 on the left of the road, behind QianChuan department store, Taidong Third Road, Yaoyao hot pot city, opposite the Lijin Road police station. Their stores are all over a large area. There are branches on Yanji Road. It is estimated to be the largest hot pot restaurant in Qingdao. 22. Taidong Third Road opposite tianluyuan Liqun. There is also one on the Huaqing food street in front of the sunshine building. I don’t know where there are too many people of Sichuan cuisine, and the service can’t keep up with it. 23. On the first floor next to Baixin shoe city on the East 1st road of Bashan shushuitai, there are 18 self-service hotpots, with few varieties. Sichuan food on the second floor, Mao xuewang is not good. 24. Daniang dumpling Liqun is directly opposite Taidong third road. The recent evaluation is average. 25. Small town story: Taidong 6th Road, opposite Taidong 6th Road Primary School, the evaluation is general. 26. Behind the poinsettia contemporary, on the street at the intersection of Taidong 3rd road, the famous Shuntai, Yucong and others are in the same place. Roast carp is good. 27. Quick profit daily home cooked dishes. Poinsettia is the home cooked dish directly opposite. It is high-quality and cheap. 28. Enter the overpass at the intersection of Taidong 6th Road and Weihai, and you can see it at the T-junction, The Blue Mountain Coffee mentioned earlier is next to it. 29. The famous shop next to Yucong poinsettia is full. Some newspapers have exposed the dark scenes, I don’t know whether they are true or false. General evaluation. 30. Near the Xuguang Nanshan market, near the third road station on Yan’an Road. California beef noodles and red house steak are opposite. 31. Luxury guests come to steak all the way to Yan’an, next to the third road station. Start eating 7 mature, then eat 5 mature, now it’s changed to 3. The price is not high, often engage in activities. 32. Red house steak on Yan’an Second Road, opposite Xuguang at the intersection. I also forgot the horizontal road. 33. At the terminal of Xiangyun wonton restaurant No. 319, near haiyun’an, opposite Huapu supermarket, the roast fire there is really tender. Shredded fish meat is also fried with bamboo shoots these days. The selling price is only 10RMB 34. Xiaoqianqian wonton Jiangxi Road, 218222, 32 and get off on Shandong road between Jieshen Hotel and Jingyuan. There seems to be no special sign nearby. Many people recommended it to me 34. Shuangleduo ice cream store is opened by birdking. No. 2 bus to the end, opposite the magic weapon. It’s hard to find. Features: ice cream hot pot, delicious 35. It’s in the middle of Yunxiao road in shuwangfu, between Minjiang road and Hong Kong Road. I haven’t eaten it. My classmates recommended that hot pot and Sichuan cuisine are authentic and have just opened. 36. 100 meters to the east of okoma overpass of laonai Sichuan cuisine expressway, next to the bus station and Yongli. Live rabbit features. Hot pot is also good. 37. The old river tile jar on Minjiang road was closed. There is another family behind the Fushan mountain. Earthen pot series, catfish and crucian carp are all fragrant dead people who don’t pay for their lives. The boss is also kind. But every time it’s a treat from friends. Friends and the boss are good friends. Does the boss deliberately give us food? 38. Mujinyuan is next to the old river course of Minjiang road. It is said that there are branches in other places. Korean cuisine, northeast cuisine. Try their dog meat 39. Chayuan porridge shop is the first porridge shop I ate in Qingdao. Next to the software building. There is also a branch on Jiangxi Road opposite Fuyuan community. There’s only one feeling. I don’t have enough to eat. In addition, the business is too good. It’s quite crowded inside. 40. Laomanke porridge shop is close to the seaside on Minjiang second road. Porridge and homemade dishes are quite good, and the environment is better than tea garden. It’s not noisy, but you have to be early. There’s no seat when you go late. It’s strange that people now like porridge so much. I always feel that I don’t satisfy my hunger. 41. When you get to Minjiang road and get to Fuzhou Road, it’s very close to yingpais gym. Diagonally opposite is the typhoon shelter. I haven’t been there. I’ve heard many netizens recommend it. There are both praise and criticism. Go eat it yourself! 42. The typhoon shelter teahouse and leisure teahouse actually sell everything. 18 yuan per person. The price is not high. It’s suit
able for students to play cards or something. 43. Weiyu lobster is at the intersection of Minjiang road and Yunxiao road. I haven’t been there. Sister catkin said it tastes authentic, but it’s very expensive. 44. Tianfu laoma Jiangxi Road, not far from Hisense, diagonally opposite Jingyuan. I killed a colleague pig two years ago and ate it. Very good 45. Sichuan restaurant is on Sifang road. Sichuan food is very delicious. A large pot of boiled fish costs only 20 yuan. It has enough ingredients, a lot of blood and bean sprouts, and other dishes are also authentic. It’s from Sichuan. Boiled meat slices are also good. 46. Netizens near Minjiang Road, yanerdao Road, dulaishun hot pot reported that there was a fly suicide collision, which made the whole store feel dirty and expensive. I haven’t been there either. Is it so scary? 47. Penglaishun hot pot Ruichang road is close to the overpass of Shandong road. The seafood is fresh. 48. Lianglaishun hot pot, Taidong 8th Road, near Shibei District Court. Shit, why is it so smooth? Whose child’s nickname? It’s very famous. My wife often goes to eat and says it’s good. Let me earn money and invite her to eat every day. 49. The seaside people’s coffee bar restaurant, Minjiang 2nd Road, is opposite the famous Brazilian barbecue. 50. Brazilian barbecue on Minjiang Second Road, behind Luxin Changle garden. 68 yuan per person, excluding drinks, expensive. But I heard the barbecue is authentic. When you pick up your wallet, you must invite your husband to eat. Hehe 51. At No. 9 B, taipingjiao Second Road, langyuan bar, once Flyingman tricked me to take me. I wanted to go home with my wife, but I didn’t listen to him. It is said that the popularity is very good and the environment is good. 52. Simple day bar b3-4, Fuhua garden, No. 17, yanerdao road. The boss used to open a thousand paper cranes on Shangqing Road, and the business is very good. A friend once told me to go to a simple day to soak mm, I remember, the name is good. 53. Next to Sifang long distance station of Shuangqiao hotel. Special features: mixed shrimp tiger legs 54. Beside the railway station of Qingxin Hotel, the chicken heart is well done, but the environment is not good. 55. Xiaofeiyang hotpot is near Fuzhou Road on Jiangxi road. It is non stick hotpot. It tastes delicious, and the mutton is also good, but it is more expensive. 56. Shangdao coffee Western restaurant, 61 Hong Kong Middle Road (in Ocean Hotel), Weihai Road and Minjiang road? I have been to the family on Weihai Road once and regret it completely. I don’t know what else is going on. 57. Jincheng stack is filled with soup bags. It is on a small road next to the “daily living sheep restaurant” on Taidong 6th Road, opposite the “Cafe de Coral” new store on Taidong 8th Road. I’ve been driving for a long time. I’ve been talking about it, but I haven’t been there. 59. Guilin Wenji rice noodles, No. 39 Boshan Road, semi basement; It’s on the road between domestic goods and the East; Guangxi flavor, sour beans, sour bamboo shoots, carp, snail lion powder. 60. Xilaike beef powder is at the intersection of Pingxiang road and Nanfeng road. Quanjiafu beef powder, braised pig feet in casserole. It’s very fragrant and abundant. Netizens send a dish of pickles. 61. Matraqin casserole store is opposite to Jimo road commodity market. Casserole in general, the focus is the carbon grilled squid catch there, which tastes great. 62. Aunt Wang hand rolls noodles with the northwest flavor of Zhangzhou road. The taste is authentic in Qingdao and the price is very cheap Roujiamo is very good, 2.5 yuan /piece There are many kinds of hand rolling noodles, which taste good There are other home cooked dishes 63. Da Wanju, downstairs of China Eastern Airlines building, yanerdao Road, opposite the staff restaurant, I heard that the ribs are good and the noodles are delicious. Hehe, you can try it. 64. The old outpost seafood store is in Shilaoren village, and the new store is in Shilaoren sightseeing circle. You can take more silver to eat big fish. 65. Shuntian wonton is on Yingkou Road market, Taidong 8th Road. Shrimp wonton is really delicious. It costs 3.5 yuan for a bowl 66. Opposite the Dafuyuan waiting area of Xinxin Hotel, the farmers’ market in Tianjia garden. Stewed tofu with large intestine is delicious. Others are also affordable and delicious. 67. The style of Jiangnan and Saibei is integrated in the Fudu Hotel behind Carrefour on Jiangnan Hong Kong Middle Road in the north of the Yangtze River. Jinhua casserole and large plate chicken are delicious. Eat and see for yourself. 68. Folk tile pot stewed soup, Zhangzhou Second Road, behind China Eastern Airlines. Jiangxi flavor, yellow wax Ding can taste fun, The scenery includes: Moon Lake Park trestle Zhanshan Temple Zhongshan Park governor’s office Tianheng Island Scenic Spot shimei’an Park weizhu’an Signal Mountain Park baxiandun Baihuayuan Naval Museum Laoshan Qingdao seaside scenic spot Qingdao Haier science and Technology Museum Langyatai scenic spot German style official residence former site Qingdao TV Tower Jimo ancient city site Badaguan modern architecture Jiaonan Laixi Cui Zifan Art Museum Qingdao botanical garden Qingdao Tianhou palace Jimo Mashan National Nature Reserve Lingshan Bay National Park Zhushan National Forest Park

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