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Which brand of Chongqing hot pot seasoning is the most authentic and delicious?

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love all over the mountain city, jishunlong, Qiuxia, Qiaotou and Dezhuang the bottoms of the above brands belong to Chongqing hotpot bottoms, with excellent materials and mellow taste

1. Qingmanshan City: the bottom material of qingmanshan city is made of imported butter, mainly butter and the matching of raw materials, which is continuously stirred and boiled through fire for 6 hours. Each step seems simple, but the operation is very fine. The taste is rich, spicy and delicious. It gives people a feeling of excitement and passion

2. Ji Shunlong: Ji Shunlong advocates nature, scientifically proportioning a variety of raw materials, and then processed by modern equipment to make the seasoning more fragrant. It does not destroy the original flavor of the dishes. The soup is bright in color and rich in flavor. The spicy and enjoyable hot pot makes people eat incisively and vividly! In addition to spicy, there are clear soup and tomato flavors

the hot pot is too thick for people to eat, but it doesn’t have a strong smell of hot pepper. It is characterized by manual Square butter base and vacuum packaging, which is convenient for scalding and boiling of various ingredients

4. Qiaotou: Qiaotou hot pot base, as an old local brand in Chongqing, is located in Nanping coral village. It is characterized by operating all kinds of Sichuan hot pot. The hot pot bottom material strictly adopts the unique processing technology, which seeks mellowness in freshness, softness in spicy, and hierarchy in taste, forming the distinctive characteristics of hemp, spicy, hot, tender, fresh and fragrant.

5. Dezhuang: the bottom material is divided into butter hot pot bottom material and vegetable oil hot pot bottom material. It focuses on the characteristics of spicy and delicious, and has unique taste characteristics. Not only does spicy soup taste good, but the quality of clear soup is also very touching. The soup is fresh and sweet. If you drink soup with an empty mouth, you won’t feel dry and have no burden to eat

Chongqing hotpot seasoning Dezhuang and Qin Ma are the most authentic and delicious

Founded in 1999, Dezhuang group is a diversified modern private enterprise integrating hot pot industry development, tourism industry development, agricultural industry development, hot pot raw material distribution and hot pot culture research. At present, it governs Chongqing Dezhuang industry (Group) Co., Ltd., Chongqing Dezhuang catering culture Co., Ltd., Chongqing Dezhuang Hotel Management Co., Ltd., Chongqing Dezhuang wine Management Co., Ltd., Chongqing Dezhuang Agricultural Development Co., Ltd One food processing plant and two research institutes

there are more than 900 self operated stores, holding stores and franchise stores; The products cover hot pot seasoning, fish seasoning, a variety of pepper products and other categories, which are sold all over the country, and exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia and so on., The “Dezhuang hot pot” of the group company is well-known and has become the image symbol of Chongqing hot pot

adhering to the business philosophy of “doing business with virtue and prospering the village with virtue”, the core brand strategy of “I only choose good ingredients”, and taking scientific and technological innovation as the core driving force, the company has successively established Chongqing hot pot seasoning and dish engineering technology center. Among them, the biological enzyme tenderization technology and “Li’s spicy degree” jointly developed with experts from scientific research institutions such as Southwest University lead the innovative development of Chongqing hot pot industry

Haidilao, Little Swan, Qin Ma, Qiuxia, Zhou Junji, Dezhuang, spicy old stove, Qiaotou, Liu Yishou, Qi hot pot and other delicious dishes are Dezhuang and Haidilao

Dezhuang hotpot seasoning: a time-honored brand in Chongqing. Now it has been improved for the national flavor, removing a certain local flavor of Chongqing hotpot, reducing the sense of greasiness and improving the flavor of spices

bottom material of Haidilao hot pot: although it’s not delicious, it’s definitely not bad. There are all the necessary flavors of hot pot. The soup color is clear, the overall quality of the bottom is good, and the taste has no obvious personality, which is more suitable for the taste needs of the masses

they are much cheaper in supermarkets, so you can buy them first. In addition, tomato flavor is recommended, which is also delicious. This primer is a little spicy with his dip

Qiuxia hot pot seasoning: I believe that there will be Qiuxia in people’s homes in Chongqing. As a famous old hot pot in Chongqing, Qiuxia is famous for its delicious flavor. In addition, its sauce is relatively heavy, which is especially suitable for some heavy taste friends

rice nest hot pot bottom material:

as the representative of Chongqing’s emerging hot pot bottom material, rice nest is very popular. It has not only settled in various large supermarkets in Chongqing, but also created a precedent for the trial eating of supermarket hot pot bottom material. It is said that even the current square shaped packaging was originally created by rice nest

Fanchao hot pot bottom
Fanchao hot pot bottom has strong butter flavor and spicy and delicious flavor. It is most like the flavor in the traditional old hot pot restaurant. There is a taste of memory in it, which is definitely the most delicious in the hot pot bottom
Qiaotou hot pot seasoning
this is a brand of more than 50 years old in Chongqing. It tastes outstanding and delicious. But not very famous
qinma hot pot seasoning
Chongqing old hot pot brand, its hot pot seasoning has the characteristics of spicy and delicious, which makes you eat it once and have a lasting aftertaste
Dezhuang hot pot seasoning
needless to say, it is an old brand of Chongqing hot pot and a well-known catering enterprise in China. There are many kinds of hot pot bottom materials: slag free hot pot bottom materials, litchi flavor hot pot bottom materials, seafood hot pot bottom materials, butter hot pot bottom materials, etc. they are very popular with their characteristics of oil but not greasy, spicy but not dry, and long hemp flavor, which are suitable for different tastes
Qiuxia hot pot seasoning
Qiuxia hot pot seasoning is a best-selling product in many supermarkets across the country. It is carefully developed on the basis of the traditional technology of Chongqing hot pot. It makes you “beautiful as morning glow and strong as late autumn”. It is definitely the top grade of hot pot seasoning
pangzi hot pot bottom
has the characteristics of spicy and sweet taste. It is also necessary for cooking fish and meat
Hongjiu hot pot seasoning
it is also a famous brand of Chongqing hot pot seasoning, with pure Sichuan spicy flavor
Xiaofeiyang hot pot bottom
I don’t know if you have eaten Xiaofeiyang. Xiaogongju, I grew up eating Xiaofeiyang!! EH ~ look at how strong I am now, I know how delicious the little fat sheep is! The soup is rich and delicious
Shu Jiuxiang butter hot pot bottom
the most recommended is this Shu Jiuxiang hot pot. At that time, it was so hot that it doubted life. At the risk of chrysanthemum pain the next day, I couldn’t help eating! When boiled, it will give off a strong aroma of butter. The more you cook, the more fragrant it will be. It’s just that the price is a little expensive
Zhou Junji hot pot seasoning
although the red packaging is not very good-looking and hot eyes, it can’t be denied by the packaging alone. The spice flavor of this primer is very strong. Remember to scatter the flavor after eating, otherwise the flavor will be very heavy.

Chongqing hotpot seasonings Dezhuang and Qin Ma are the most authentic a
nd delicious.

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