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Which is a good picture of the noodle machine manufacturer

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in fact, the noodle machine is basically done by various manufacturers. What you should consider is the distance between the manufacturer and your production place. If the distance is close, the freight, assembly and maintenance are more convenient and economical.

I. steam extrusion noodle machine
operator: 2-3 persons, single machine and multiple machines, each with 1 person
1. Product Name: 6ft series noodle machine
2. Process flow: sweet potato starch – mixing and sizing – feeding – powder leakage into the machine – Loose powder – drying on the rod (drying) – Packaging:
3. Suitable objects: starch, sweet potato starch, potato starch, cassava starch, banana taro starch Fern root starch, wheat starch, corn starch, bean starch, lotus root powder and other starch raw materials as well as various mixed starches:
4. Finished products: vermicelli, vermicelli, vermicelli, taro powder, pearl powder, etc.
5. Advantages of the equipment: alum and any additives are not needed, and the finished products are crystal clear, boiling and foaming resistant, do not paste soup, continuous strips, weak and strong taste, and the equipment operates stably It has the advantages of simple operation, small investment and quick effect. It is suitable for making noodles with all kinds of starch and mixed starch
6. Equipment disadvantages: the water absorption is greater than that of the leaky ladle type. After cooking, it tastes strong and soft for the first time. The noodles taste better than the leaky ladle type, but the water absorption is greater. The gluten of the noodles is poor in the next hot dish
7. Purchase objects: sweet potato noodle enterprises, convenient vermicelli enterprises, Longkou vermicelli enterprises, small farmers for use and external processing, manufacturers of taro flour and potato peel:
(this equipment does not need to add the advantage of alum, and most of the flour products entering the supermarket are produced by 6ft series vermicelli machines)
8 Machine principle: after the starch and water are evenly adjusted in proportion, they are sent to the feeding port of the noodle machine, and the powder is extruded to the leakage plate of the noodle through the screw propulsion device. The boiling water in the body water tank cooks the inner pipe of the noodle machine, so that the noodle can be mature in the screw propulsion. The unique double screw adopted by our factory is more conducive to the ripening of the noodle vermicelli. The vermicelli machine adopts water temperature heating to reduce the excessive ripening of low-temperature ripened potato starch. The water temperature heating can evenly ripen the starch flowing in the spiral track. The quality of the products produced by the steam vermicelli machine mainly determines the distance and depth between the spirals in the spiral shaft, the pitch determines the ripening degree, and the variable pitch pitch can increase the degree of extrusion after the starch paste is mature:
9 Equipment accessories: powder leakage grinding tool (template), special head for powder skin, special head for vermicelli, Sichuan flour machine head, taro flour machine head, no scrubbing machine head: (the vermicelli machine is equipped with two round templates (optional) and vermicelli machine head)
10. Supporting equipment: mixer, feeding machine, gear pump, vermicelli fixed length cutting machine, etc.: remarks: machinery is selected

(horizon) if the noodle machine is operated improperly or maintained improperly, not only the service life of the noodle machine cannot reach the expected length, but also seriously affect the taste of the noodle. What are the precautions for the use and operation of the noodle machine, and how to avoid operation errors as much as possible, reduce the failure rate of the noodle machine, and better prolong the service life of the equipment.

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