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Which one is better, Shanghai entry exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau or Shanghai Customs

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consulted some people and said they were both similar and very good ~ ~
wages and benefits, not to mention ~ ~ (but I heard that there are many people giving gifts at entry and exit…)
it is said that the workplace and fatigue will be hard, especially if they are linked to flights. They often have to work on night shifts. If you are a girl, you can rest assured and generally take care of it
it seems that civil servants can’t do business by themselves. I don’t know much about ~ ~
if you develop contacts, it’s the same ~ ~
does the unit that solves the house refer to the real estate agency and so on? There should be ~ ~ in fact, many of them take care of their own accommodation ~ ~ the treatment of civil servants is not as good as it used to be ~ ~
it is estimated that you are a food professional like me ~ ~ ~ I reported to the customs myself. Mainly because I don’t want to get too involved with my major, ha ha~~

let me answer. What I said may disappoint you! But it’s all very realistic

1. Oil and water + sunshine salary + various benefits which is higher? It’s about how much the actual income is

it seems that you are a freshman. After sunshine salary, there will be less oil and water, you know? The actual total income of Shanghai Customs should be higher than that of the inspection and Quarantine Bureau, but now the salaries of civil servants are gradually homogenized, which should be almost the same! Do you know how many Chinese civil servants have now? A small clerk, how much gray income does that have

2 the remoteness of the workplace

children, there are so many Chinese people. As soon as they enter the civil service, they want to go to the urban area. I can tell you clearly that if new customs officers are on-site supervision, they are generally in villages and towns and are very tired

3 which is the least difficult to switch to business?

don’t think about it. You’ll make mistakes! Civil servants can’t do business

4 additional: are there any units in Shanghai to solve the problem of housing?

generally not. Unless you are a private enterprise, you have strong ability, high education and rich work experience, otherwise, don’t think about it

don’t blame me for being mean, that’s the reality!

I’d like to remind you first: are you qualified to apply for the exam and are you sure to pass the exam
if you can ensure the above two, you’re qualified to ask such questions
you won’t dream about it
it’s not in your pot and you’re not qualified to be picky

I don’t know. I want to know which one is good to search on Baidu, but I found you. Hey…

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