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Which VR glasses can glory play use

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My is glory play. I don’t know which VR glasses to use. I’m afraid it won’t work if I buy them

first assemble the VR glasses: open the mobile phone packaging box, which contains the lens and the packaging box used to install the lens. Install the lens into the corresponding position in turn from the inside of the inner box of the package (the side with prominent lens radian faces inward)

pull down the light barrier at the top of the inner box and clip it into the slot at the bottom

put the mobile phone in the box cover (align the power supply and volume key of the mobile phone with the inner groove). Put the inner box of the package with the lens vertically into the box cover and close to the mobile phone

you need to open the VR video on the mobile phone in advance, and then put the mobile phone in according to the above steps, you can hold the VR box to watch the VR video. The VR channel is also provided in the video application of the system. Because the VR box is a simple device, it may not work normally if you want to experience the VR game that needs real-time operation

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