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Who can give the specific performance parameters of gd8-300 bag packing machine? thank you

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performance features:

1. It is easy to operate. It is controlled by German Siemens PLC and equipped with touch screen man-machine interface control system
2. Variable frequency speed regulation. The machine uses variable frequency speed regulation device, and the speed can be adjusted freely within the specified range
3. Automatic detection function. If the bag is not opened or the bag is incomplete, there is no feeding or heat sealing. The bag can be reused without wasting materials, so as to save production costs for users
4. The safety device will give an alarm when the working air pressure is abnormal or the heating pipe fails
5. Adjusting the bag width is controlled by the motor. Press and hold the control button to adjust each group of machine clips at the same time, which is convenient to operate and saves time
6. Double feeding station can add two materials at the same time, such as solid and liquid, two different liquids, etc
7. Some imported engineering plastic bearings are used without refueling to reduce material pollution
8. Adopt oil-free vacuum pump to avoid pollution of production environment
9. The loss of packaging materials is low. The machine uses prefabricated packaging bags. The packaging bag pattern is perfect and the sealing quality is good, so the product grade is improved<10. Ensure that the materials used in contact with the food and processing machine meet the hygienic and safety requirements of the food industry, or the materials used in contact with the food processing machine
11. It has a wide range of packaging. By selecting different meters, it can be applied to the packaging of liquid, sauce, particles, powder, irregular blocks and other materials
12. The packing bag has a wide range of applications. It can be used for prefabricated bags and paper bags made of multi-layer composite film, single-layer PE, PP and other materials

technical parameters:


Mechanical station
eight stations

bag material
composite film

bag type
self standing bag Flat bag (three side seal, four side seal, handbag, zipper bag)

bag size
W: 200-300mm L: 200-450mm

packaging speed
≤ 35 bags /sub (the speed is determined by the material itself and filling weight)

Mechanical weight

380V three-phase 50Hz /60Hz

total power

compressed air consumption
0.6m3/min (provided by the user)

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