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Who knows the working principle and precautions of blister sheet machine

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working principle of blister sheet: granular material → blanking funnel → extruder → mold → calendering → conveying → traction → winding → blister machine → blister forming. Precautions (1) the temperature of each section on the barrel of plastic sheet production equipment increases gradually from the feeding section to the connection between the barrel and the forming die. (2) The molding die temperature is slightly higher than the barrel temperature. The higher temperature shall be controlled at 5-10 ℃. The temperature at both ends of the mold is slightly higher than that in the mold, and the higher temperature is controlled at 5-10 ℃. (3) In the form of sheet feeding, the upper roll surface of the middle roll of the three rolls shall be in a horizontal plane with the lower plane of the die lip; The lip end face is parallel to the center line of the intermediate roll, with a distance of 50 ~ 100mm. (4) The gap between the die lips shall be slightly less than or equal to the thickness of the plate products, and the gap between the die lips shall be slightly less than the gap between the end die lips on both sides. (5) Note that the roughness r of the three roll working surface shall not be greater than 0 2pm。 When cleaning the roll surface, do not scratch the roll surface with a hard steel knife, but use a copper knife to clean the residual materials on the roll surface. (6) The roll surface should have some medium height; The gap between the three rollers shall be equal to or slightly greater than the thickness of the plate. (7) The temperature control of forming die should be stable. When the temperature is high, the flow speed of molten material in the die becomes faster; When the temperature is low, the flow speed of molten material in the die becomes slower. Unstable melt flow rate will cause large longitudinal thickness error of plate (sheet) products. (8) Pay attention to control the working surface temperature of the three rollers. The temperature of the feeding roller should be slightly higher and the temperature of the discharging roller should be slightly lower. The roll surface temperature is high, the slab is not easy to take off the roll, and the product surface is easy to produce transverse lines; The temperature is low and the surface of the product is not shiny. According to this phenomenon, the roll surface temperature control should be adjusted in time. (9) The running speed of the three rollers is slightly higher than the extrusion speed of the slab from the die mouth, and the general speed difference is no more than 10%. The working speed of the three rollers should be controlled stably. Too fast or too slow running speed has a great impact on the thickness error of the plate. (10) When polyolefin plastic is extruded into plate (sheet), the screw adopts mutation structure, the compression ratio is (3-4): 1, and the melt flow rate is HDPE 0.5 3~2.0g/10min,LDPE 0.1~0.3g/1Omin,PP 0.5~1. 5g/10min。 For ABS and other non crystalline polymer resin extruded plate (sheet) materials, gradual change screw shall be selected, and the compression ratio is (1.6-2.5): 1. (11) For the extrusion molding of plastic plates (sheets), except that PVC, polyethylene and polypropylene resins generally do not undergo dehumidification treatment before extrusion, some other plastics (such as ABS, polyamide, etc.) shall require dehumidification and drying treatment before extrusion. Otherwise, it shall be extruded by exhaust extruder.

business includes: business card making; Packaging design enterprise logo design, print advertising design effect drawing; Wall advertising; The materials for the production of animated pictures and outdoor advertising are the material basis for the realization of outdoor advertising design thinking. The outdoor advertising design should finally use the materials to make the finished products and install them in place in order to convey the advertising information. There are many materials for advertising production, including PC board, KT board, PVC board, PP board, stainless steel, acrylic, tempered glass, iron plate, aluminum-plastic board, hard plastic, all kinds of paper, stone, wood, glass resin, timely paste, body paste, two-color board, photosensitive glue, photosensitive film, light box film, light box cloth, fluorescent paste, cold light film, reflective film, various lamps Various adhesives and various aluminum profiles. Section II equipment and technology of outdoor advertising production since the 1990s, with the maturity of computer drawing and computer cutting technology and frequent international exchanges, advanced outdoor advertising production technology has rapidly spread to China, making earth shaking changes in China’s urban appearance. 1. Advertising multi picture turning technology three side turning and multi side turning is an advertising equipment with mechanical transmission of advertising pictures. It adopts electric transmission to form picture conversion. At the same time, it can rotate through program control in different ways and at different intervals through preset programs. It is beautiful and attractive, and can serve different customers at different times. 2. Computer spray painting technology large-scale internal and external color spray painting machines are mainly produced by the United States and Japan and entered China in the late 1990s. According to the different Yan materials used, the spray painting machines are divided into indoor photo machines and outdoor spray painting machines (large spray machines). Big spray machine has Witt, saiangel, Noel, yaselan, Caishen, Gongzheng, limit, Roland and other brands. Photo machines include Epson, Roland, mimaka, Gongzheng, novajet and other brands. The application scope of a large spraying machine is used outdoors. It uses oily ink to print on the spraying cloth, light box cloth and car body. It is mainly used for the drawing of outdoor large pictures and the production of car body advertisements. It is characterized by anti ultraviolet radiation and the picture will not fade in 3-5 years. Now the machine can spray 30-40 square meters per hour. With the emergence of automatic ink supply system, there is no need to replace the ink cartridge, which truly realizes uninterrupted printing and reduces the printing cost. II. Application scope of photo machine: 1. Advertising industry; 2. Printing and dyeing industry; 3. Industrial drawing; 4. Studio; 5. Printing plate making; Using water-soluble Yan materials, the pictures can be printed with high accuracy, clear layers and fine pictures. The printing accuracy can be divided into 360dpi, 720 DPI, 1400 DPI and 2400 DPI, which can be printed on paper, PP back glue, light box film, silk and all kinds of cloth. The water-soluble Yan material will fade when exposed to direct sunlight, so it cannot be placed in the sun for a long time. It is only suitable for indoor storage. It can be stored for about two years when not exposed to direct sunlight indoors. Another kind of photo machine uses oily ink and dye, which can be placed outdoors (spraying very delicate body advertisements and close outdoor display advertisements). It is not afraid of water and sunlight, but has high requirements for ink, and the nozzle must be thoroughly cleaned when not in use to avoid drying up of oily ink and blocking the nozzle. Several key components and important problems should be paid attention to when purchasing photo machine and inkjet printer: I guide rail (commonly known as lead screw): the guide rail is equivalent to the backbone of inkjet printer. The quality of guide rail is directly related to the service life of the machine, which determines the stability, printing quality and service life of inkjet printer. Although the use of imported guide rail increases the cost, it can effectively ensure the quality of the inkjet machine, so that customers can use it at ease and be responsible for customers. II main board: the main board is the heart of the inkjet printer. If the main board of a inkjet printer is unstable,
the overall stability and quality of the inkjet printer can be imagined. For most other manufacturers, the mainboard is commissioned for processing. They not only don’t know the quality of the mainboard, but also can’t do the normal software upgrade. When the customer’s machine has problems, they can only repair it by replacing the mainboard frequently. III. nozzle control technology: as the largest partner of Xaar in Asia, Feiyang company has obtained multiple licenses and technical support from Xaar in nozzle control technology, and completed the integration of software and hardware of the machine (the design is completely the same as that of Rolan, Mutoh Wuteng and other imported photo machines); The high integration of the machine brings great convenience to the actual use of customers, just like an office printer; The printing accuracy and service life of limit inkjet printer are also in a leading position in the industry. Ⅳ cleaning system: the limit is that the only positive pressure cleaning is adopted (in strict accordance with the design principle of 126 nozzle of Xaar company), the nozzle is instructed by the trolley board, and the cleaning is completed by the ink output of the nozzle. The whole process is completed automatically by the machine. Like the normal drawing operation, it will not damage the nozzle, and can be set for regular automatic cleaning. V. use cost: there is little difference in the prices of substrate and ink in the current market. At this time, the stability of the machine is the cost! Stable machines can make customers feel at ease to accept and pay orders, and expand their business without any worries. Vi. high quality service: 3. Large scale outdoor animation projection technology uses a high-power projection equipment, optical projection principle and high brightness light source to project the full-color advertising content on the negative onto the outer wall of high-rise buildings, so as to form outdoor advertising with great visual impact at night. This kind of advertisement usually appears in advertisements with large flow of people, business districts, downtown areas, etc; Large scale activities such as concerts, gatherings, product promotions, major celebrations, etc; Places where it is difficult to erect advertisements, such as urban landmark buildings, bridges, walls of high-rise buildings, etc; Special places such as sports venues, lakes, natural clouds, etc. The projection picture can not only move, but also realize the continuous playback of the picture. It is realized by program-controlled multi lamp linkage. It is the most potential outdoor media in the 21st century. Projection animation technology has the advantages of large display area, flexible delivery, novel effect and high arrival rate. It solves the problem of making super large advertising pictures. It can project advertisements of 150-2000 square meters within 50-200 meters from the wall. The pictures are easy to change, and the advertising expression methods are flexible and novel. At present, the rental price of “city light” projection advertising equipment in Shanghai is 5000 yuan per machine per day and 3000 yuan per day for 15 days, providing pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales technical operation and guidance; It does not include the cost of the wall and place of use, electricity, advertising approval, curtain production and installation involved in the advertisement, and does not include the cost of negative film production (RMB 200 per sheet); For large advertising spaces, when a single lamp cannot meet the requirements of high brightness, multi lamp superposition technology can be used. The superimposed lights can be 2-10 sets. With this technology, giant full-color advertisements with satisfactory brightness can be made within 10000 square meters, and its visual shock is unmatched by other outdoor advertisements. Coupled with the numerical control image swing machine, the advertising image can “float” on the floor, and can be realized by multi lamp linkage and program controlling the switching timing of each lamp. That is, the first animation picture is projected by the 1# light first, and then the 2# light is lit, and the second animation picture related to the first picture is projected. At the same time, the 1# light is dark, and then the 3# light is lit, and the associated third animation picture is projected, and the 2# light is dark… In this cycle, the animation effect can be displayed, and the outdoor advertising can be as vivid and interesting as flash animation, Break through the curtain limit. The following factors should be considered when selecting the application site: a. the influence of floor windows, which will destroy the integrity of projection imaging. The solution is to install temporary or permanent screens. b. The background brightness of the floor at night. Too bright background brightness will seriously affect the image quality of projection imaging, which is specifically reflected in the decline of image contrast and color saturation. Quantitatively speaking, the best background brightness is 0-5lux, the better background brightness is 5-20lux, and the acceptable background brightness is 20-40lux. (it can be measured on site with a universal light meter.) c. For the material and color of the floor, jg5000 city light projection advertising machine does not have high requirements for the floor, and the light color is preferred. d. For the installation of projectors, each jg5000 city light projection advertising machine needs about 1m × 2m space. Generally speaking, jg5000 high projection advertising machine can project satisfactory advertising images of 100 square meters to 300 square meters within 50m-400m from the wall. 4. LED technology led refers to light-emitting diode, which is a solid-state semiconductor device, which can directly convert electricity into light. Led features and advantages: small size led is basically a very small chip, which is encapsulated in epoxy resin, so it is very small and light. Low power consumption. The power consumption of LED is very low. Generally speaking, the working voltage of LED is 2-3.6v. The working current is 0.02 -0.03a. This means that it consumes no more than 0.1W of electricity. Long service life at the right current

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