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Who knows whether daqianmen cigarettes are from Tianjin or Beijing? Soft box or hard box?

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Please answer as soon as possible. I need to know urgently. I’ll give you a big score

Beijing cigarette factory does not produce “daqianmen”

Hard boxes are produced by Tianjin cigarette factory
soft boxes are produced by Shanghai Cigarette Factory

generally speaking, soft ones sell better than hard ones
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------. From the history of cigarette labels, it is rare for a trademark to have experienced 50 years. “Daqianmen” is still in production and sales, and its influence is self-evident

“daqianmen” was launched by British American Tobacco Company in the 5th year of the Republic of China (1916). Together with the brands of “Laodao”, “Daying”, “Hardman” and “three battery”, it was all the rage in Shanghai. Before liberation, the products of British American tobacco company accounted for about 60% of the total tobacco production in Shanghai for a long time. “Daqianmen” was one of the strong products until liberation. In order to achieve greater development in China, strive for greater production and marketing and pay less taxes, British American Tobacco Company adopted the method of breaking up into parts. Since November 1934, it has registered and established Yizhong company in the name of Chinese businessmen, and continued to produce and sell “daqianmen” in Shanghai, Tianjin, Qingdao and other places, with products all over the country. In April 1952, through the assignment and assignment agreement, “daqianmen” was nationalized, and the trademark is still jointly owned by three tobacco factories in Shanghai, Qingdao and Tianjin (“Shang, Qing and Tian”)

“daqianmen” has experienced more than 80 years and has not declined abroad, which is a typical example of the tobacco industry. It is famous for its “excellent quality”, famous for its famous landscape and developed with its own old brand. The main reason is that the brand name is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and the smoke is mellow and rich, which is suitable for most consumers. Before the founding of the people’s Republic of China, “daqianmen” changed from British American Tobacco Company to Yizhong tobacco company, and the brand name remained unchanged; After the founding of the people’s Republic of China, the right to use the trademark belongs to “Shang, Qing and Tian”, and the brand name remains unchanged, which itself reflects the use value of the trademark. In 1953, the state-run Shanghai Tobacco Company selected 14 brands as typical brands, and four brands of grade B cigarettes preferred “daqianmen”; In 1958, Shanghai streamlined the brands of grade B and below, and among the 13 brands required to be used, 3 were reserved for Grade B, “daqianmen” is still among them; In June 1965, the tobacco industry carried out a preliminary rectification of trademarks. Shanghai retained 7 grades and 20 brands, and “daqianmen” was still the first in class B. In 1979, Shanghai “daqianmen” was rated as an excellent product in the national tobacco industry by the Ministry of light industry. In terms of product development, in 1991, Shanghai tobacco factory began to produce transparent paper and full pull packaging technology “big front door”; In January 1992, it began to produce a new type of “daqianmen” mixed with expanded cut tobacco. Its length specifications include 70s nozzle, 81s nozzle and 84s nozzle, and 20 pieces are packed in soft packaging for export.

daqianmen is also a good smoking place in Beijing, because it is Beijing’s cigarette at the beginning. The soft one is good. This is the general nature of cigarette~

if the price of Tianjin is not less than one yuan, the soft and hard are the same,

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