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Why does the vacuum packaging machine suddenly stop pumping vacuum?

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My bag is fresh. The bag has been checked and there is no air leakage. It is also bought according to the specifications. Where is the wrong operation?

can you check whether your operation is correct
1. Is the bag mouth correctly placed in the vacuum tank when vacuumizing
2. Is the food too close to the vacuum seal and pressed onto the machine
3. Is the opening of the bag flat? If there are corners, you can’t vacuum

first, there are many reasons for the unclean vacuum pumping of the vacuum packaging machine. The main reasons are:

the evacuation time is too short

the vacuum pump is aged or the maintenance is not in place

vacuum work is poorly sealed, and there is air leakage during vacuum pumping

the power of the vacuum pump is too small and does not match the actual pumping speed ratio, so it can not fully vacuum

Second, the solution

lengthen the vacuum pumping time

when replacing the vacuum pump, pay attention to the timely maintenance and replacement of the vacuum pump oil. If the maintenance has not been done for a long time, please clean up the oil in the vacuum pump before replacement. (generally, the first maintenance is to work continuously for 300 hours, and then work continuously for 500 hours for maintenance)

check whether there is air leakage in the vacuum chamber, and replace the sealing strip in time if there is air leakage

the vacuum pump is too small to achieve the ideal vacuum effect, so we can only replace the vacuum pump. Generally ranging from 20-302 pumps.

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 III. maintenance and repair of mechanical equipment. After the mechanical equipment is bought and used for a period of time, it must be maintained regularly, just like the car. If the maintenance is not in place, the best equipment cannot be used for a long time

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