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Why is the filling accuracy of automatic liquid packaging machine not enough

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it’s hard to say. I don’t know which filling method you use! The discharge of your materials is affected by many factors, including the filling machine
generally speaking, the filling accuracy is inversely proportional to the filling speed. The faster the filling speed, the worse the precision, and vice versa
in front of the market, two filling methods are the most popular: weighing type and volumetric type
weighing type and volumetric type also have their own advantages and disadvantages:
high accuracy is required. Generally, weighing type is adopted, especially reduction weighing type. It is not affected by the plate chain transmission speed and the weight of the barrel itself. It has higher accuracy, and the filling speed is also OK
positive displacement type is generally fast, but its accuracy is poor
there is also a compromise filling method: self calibration volumetric type, which has weighing accuracy and volumetric speed. Of course, it is a compromise
other filling methods: gravity flow, time method, etc. the filling accuracy is even worse
if there is anything else you don’t understand, you can contact me and find it in the contact information!

first, it depends on the operation principle of the filling machine you use, such as piston type and gravity flow type, and then it depends on your materials. You can leave me a message on QQ. I’m not an equipment manufacturer, but a user

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