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Why should Chinese herbal pieces also be packaged?

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traditional Chinese medicine is divided into three parts – traditional Chinese medicine, prepared pieces of traditional Chinese medicine and proprietary Chinese medicine. Among them, decoction pieces are processed Chinese medicinal materials, which can be bought in the pharmacy and directly fried into decoction. Therefore, if there is no decoction pieces with stable quality, there will be no TCM curative effect with stable quality. However, there has always been the problem of no packaging or non-standard packaging

to this end, the State Food and drug administration requires enterprises to select packaging materials and containers suitable for the nature of drugs and meeting the quality requirements of drugs when producing decoction pieces, and the name, specification, place of origin, manufacturer, product batch number and production date must also be indicated on the packaging label. After July 1, 2004, all pieces that do not meet the above requirements are not allowed to be sold

in this way, if consumers go to the drugstore to get medicine, they can ask to see whether the packaging of decoction pieces is qualified, and those unqualified can not be bought

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