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Will you pack the fruit in cardboard boxes?

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at present, corrugated boxes are widely used in the fruit market, but low-quality fruit packaging boxes have no corresponding popularity and market share in the market competition. Therefore, we must fully understand the importance and necessity of fruit packaging, closely combine fruit packaging with fruit brand architecture, and truly establish the brand awareness of packaging. Fruit packaging should fully consider the fruit characteristics, market characteristics, consumption psychology and other factors from the selection of packaging materials and packaging design, strive to give the packaging strong modern visual impact and cultural taste, implement brand packaging, highlight personalized packaging, and ensure the stable quality of the printing alliance. Based on brand packaging, taking high-grade packaging and personalized design as a breakthrough, and establishing the development idea of standard management will improve the overall level of fruit packaging industry and printing technology. In the direction of green and environmental protection, products in line with ecology, environmental protection and health have become the mainstream of consumption. Green packaging has become an important direction and printing tool for the future development of fruit packaging with its own advantages. The green packaging of fruit should first consider whether it is conducive to saving resources, energy, manpower, material resources and circulation forces, whether it will pollute the fruit, environment, operators and fruit consumers in all circulation links, and whether it is conducive to printing tools such as recycling, recycling or recycling. In addition, the corrugated boxes for fruit packaging shall also meet the requirements of the environmental protection law of the International Corrugated Box alliance, that is, the corrugated products shall not be covered with film or otherwise treated, and can be directly used as consumables for pulp and paper equipment

it has three advantages that cannot be replaced by traditional paper packaging: first, in terms of packaging materials, the fruit blister packaging box is produced with internationally recognized food grade PET materials, and the color is fully transparent, which makes it easier for customers to intuitively see the size, maturity and other characteristics of the fruit when purchasing fruit. It is simple and convenient to use. Why do you say so? Because each of the fruit blister packaging boxes we designed is a standard load-bearing box. Generally, we are loading about 1 kg to 2 kg of fruit. Some high-grade fruits are about half a kg, which is very convenient for customers to travel and carry. Moreover, each of our products is equipped with air holes. If customers can’t finish eating, they can directly put them in the refrigerator for fresh preservation. It is the recycling of products, which is very important, because now the environmental pollution is particularly serious, because our product production raw materials are environmental friendly pet materials, which can be recycled and reused. If you eat fruits, don’t throw our fruit boxes randomly. You can put other food and fruits at home or sell them to the waste station

it is the consensus of modern society that fruit packaging should pay attention to quality and pursue beauty. Exquisite, novel and diverse packaging can promote people’s consumption desire and material market. In recent years, foreign fruits have frequently impacted the domestic market, mainly finding a breakthrough in packaging and printing tools. The wide application of corrugated boxes provides space for the development of packaging decoration and printing technology. In particular, the development of corrugated box flexographic printing technology has rapidly improved the quality of carton decoration and printing. The corrugated boxes with reasonable design, exquisite printing and colorful fruit packaging presented to consumers have made the fruit packaging a new printing tool. In addition, manufacturers also flexibly produce corrugated boxes with different shapes, sizes and specifications for different fruits, so as to attract customers and expand sales

with the continuous improvement of people’s requirements for fruit packaging, corrugated boxes should not only have traditional packaging functions, but also have certain special functions, such as fresh-keeping, waterproof, intelligence and so on. Therefore, people are more and more inclined to apply the current advanced technology to corrugated boxes in order to improve the functional advantages of cartons and printing tools. For example, nanotechnology and nano materials are applied to corrugated boxes, such as nano paper, whose strength exceeds that of cast iron materials. In the plant cell wall, individual cellulose molecules are fixed together to form a fiber with a diameter of about 20 nm, which is 5000 times thinner than human hair. These fibers form a strong web that provides a supporting structure for the cell wall and a printing tool. Institutional tests show that this kind of paper has a tensile strength of 214 MPa, which is stronger and tougher than cast iron (130 MPa). It is almost the same as the strength of steel used in construction (250 MPa). This kind of “nano paper” has strong toughness and hardness. It can greatly improve the pressure resistance of corrugated boxes. It is the latest technology for manufacturing high-performance fruit packaging boxes; For another example, the far-infrared corrugated fruit packing box is coated with a layer of ceramics that can release far-infrared rays on the cardboard made of 100% natural pulp. The fresh-keeping period of fresh fruits in this kind of corrugated box is twice longer than that in the ordinary corrugated fruit packing box

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