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Without vacuum packaging machine, how to achieve the same effect as vacuum packaging?

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there is no vacuum packaging machine to store vegetables, melons and fruits at home. It can also achieve the same effect as vacuum packaging. Come and have a look

vegetables, melons and fruits bought at home. If you can’t finish them in one or a half hours, you should divide them into parts. For example, how many portions do you want to eat a day. Then a portion is packaged in a fresh-keeping bag, and then stored in the refrigerator, or stored in the corresponding best storage method. This can not only protect fruits and vegetables from decay, but also make it easier to pick them up

even if you don’t have a vacuum packaging machine at home, you can achieve the same effect of vacuum packaging. Today, I’d like to share a little trick that you can make vacuum packaging effect with your bare hands

first, you should first prepare fresh-keeping bags or supermarket shopping bags

after buying fruits and vegetables, we usually can’t eat them all at once. We need to divide them into relatively equal parts, and then store them in fresh-keeping bags

for example, I bought 5 jin of peaches at one time when I met a good one today. Then I can’t eat them all in one day. Let’s separate them in small portions

Second, put the split fruit into the fresh-keeping bag

we need to put the fruit into the prepared fresh-keeping bag. The best thing is that the fruit you want to put in the fresh-keeping bag should be twice as large, so it is more convenient to put it. And it can be saved better

Third, prepare a bucket of water

we only need a bucket of water to put ordinary fresh-keeping bags into fruits. Using the pressure under the water, the ordinary fresh-keeping bag is made into a vacuum bag

Fourth, immerse the packed fruit bag in water

we need to slowly put the freshness preservation bag of the freshly packed fruit into the water, and then immerse the part of the freshly loaded fruit in the water. We all know that the pressure in the water is greater than the external pressure

put the bag containing fruit into the water part and let the pressure of water squeeze out all the air in the bag. You can also manually try to squeeze the air out of the bag. When the air inside the bag is squeezed out completely, it becomes a vacuum packaging

Tighten the bag in water

because the pressure in the water part is relatively higher than that in the outside air, if you quickly draw out the bag and put it in the air, the air will quickly re-enter the bag

we need this bag containing fruit. When it is squeezed in the water, use its pressure, and then tighten the fruit bag. Don’t let the air sneak in

sixth, take out the knotted bag

the tightened bag, especially the vacuum packaging, all the air inside has been squeezed out. Then we need to quickly take out the bag, and then quickly tie a knot to it

in this way, a complete vacuum packaging is ready. The fruit inside is wrapped in a fresh-keeping bag, and then the air inside is squeezed out by the pressure of water

knot should be tied with a loose knot, not only the air can not run in, but also it is easy to tie when it is used next time

in fact, we use some air, wrap it ourselves, and then suck out his real Qi. In this way, we can also achieve the effect of real machine empty packaging, and we can also use fresh-keeping film. These are good methods.

pack the food that needs vacuum packaging in a fresh-keeping bag, tie the mouth of the bag, leave a small hole, slowly sink the bag into the water, use the pressure of water to be greater than that of air, squeeze out the air in the bag, and then fasten the mouth of the bag.

first of all, we need to package in an environment with less bacteria and preserve the food when it is fresh. We can package near some fire sources so that we can kill bacteria

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