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Working principle of automatic particle packaging machine

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since its establishment, Searle packaging has focused on improving the product quality of the packaging equipment industry, and has always had a strong ability of new product development and technological innovation, which is closely related to Searle’s spirit of adhering to innovation and focusing on R & D
“Saier” series packaging and products are widely used in the packaging of products in food, chemical industry, beverage, agricultural products, toys, hardware accessories and other industries. They are exported to more than 20 countries and regions around the world and have been widely praised. Looking forward to the future, with a sustained and steady pace of development, Saier packaging will gradually become a famous brand enterprise that provides global users with higher quality products and services and brings more help to the common prosperity and win-win situation of the whole society
screw metering: PLC + touch screen man-machine interface imported from Japan and Germany, servo control screw metering; Servo and synchronous belt double film pulling device; Convenient program setting mode, photoelectric tracking color code, rapid replacement of belt maker and metering screw, screw feeder (including vibrating feeder), screw filling machine, full-automatic vertical packaging machine, which is suitable for powder and powdered products in many industries such as food, hardware, agricultural products, medicine, daily chemical and so on
screw packing machine: automatic counting photoelectric system, convenient program setting mode, photoelectric tracking color code, active force mode, pneumatic, the equipment is more energy-saving and stable; The blanking part adopts the vibrating disc feeding optical fiber counting mode according to the materials, and the manual feeding mode is adopted for the materials whose shape is special and the vibrating disc is difficult to realize automatic blanking;

the automatic packing machine for granules is generally a volumetric automatic packing machine. The electrical part of automatic packaging machine is generally composed of the following: a) the main control circuit is composed of speed sensorless vector frequency converter and programmable controller (PLC); b) The temperature control circuit is composed of intelligent temperature control meter, solid-state relay, thermocouple elements, etc., with accurate temperature control, intuitive display and convenient setting; c) Multipoint tracking and detection are realized by photoelectric switch and
electromagnetic proximity sensor.

the functions of bag making, measuring, filling, printing date, punching of sealing part, counting, inching, clearing, etc. are automatically realized

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